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1st Quarter. 2009
FOTW Archive

Olive Hare's Ear - Thorax Soft Hackle
Eye Fly
Pheasant Back Streamer
Delaware Adams
Mart's Snowshoe Caddis
Northern Lights
Foam Back Royal Humpy
Bead Bodied Woolly Bugger

2nd Qtr. 2009
FOTW Archive

Bee Visible
Deer Hair Caddis
CDL Parachute Mayfly
Snowshoe Sparkle Dun
Snowshoe Emerger
Fluttering Caddis
Gray Fox
Gray Wulff

3rd Quarter. 2009
FOTW Archive

Light Hendrickson
Lady Hendrickson


4th Qtr. 2009
FOTW Archive



1st Quarter. 2008
FOTW Archive

Goldie Jr.
Jax Roughy
Exploding Caddis
Steelhead Rubber Legs
Pheasant Tail Flymph
Float Butt Winter Fly
Soft Hackle Spinner
Yellow Sally Stonefly
Green Skating Caddis

2nd Qtr. 2008
FOTW Archive

Pink Intruder
Jax Suicide Nymph
Quick'n EZY Parachute (PMD)
Wired Ribbon Fly
Fox's Arkansas Scud
Floating Baitfish
The Fuzzy Dog
Christopher River King
Bluegill Bomber
Blue Dragon Fly
Red Eye Damsel

3rd Quarter. 2008
FOTW Archive

John's Spider Spider
The River Minnow
Snowshoe Rabbit (Hair Mouse)
Electric Dread
The Minnow Crease Fly
Hunt's Hybrid Crayfish
Floating-Head Shad
Tarpon Tamer
Wet Burrito
Q-Back Flymph

4th Qtr. 2008
FOTW Archive

Orange Hare Thorax Nymph
Flaming Hooker
Water Cricket
Pop-Eyed Snookery
The Hammlim Minnow
Articulated Herl and Pheasant Bugger ( AHPB )
Red Ibis
Wal-Mart Woolly-Bugger
Crazy Frog
Fire Fly
Gibby's Myakka Minnow


1st Quarter. 2007
FOTW Archive

O2 Stonefly Adult
Sam's One Bug
Sam's L-Eye-Bee
Olive Willy
Olive PSS (Pine Squirrel Streamer)
Realistic Mayfly
Knudson White Streamer
Peeping Caddis (Fur Case)
The Tube Stone
Para Glen
Natant Nylon Nymph
Brown Woolly Bugger
Mayfly Primer
Diamond Hair Streamer
Hole-In-One Stonefly
Orange Hare Thorax Nymph

2nd Qtr. 2007
FOTW Archive

Orange Bomber
Peacock Spider
Female Trico Polywing Spinner
Roberts Drake (Hex)
Vincent Price (Fly)
Black Marabou Leech
Boa Leech Variation
3rd Quarter. 2007
FOTW Archive

Partridge and Hare's Ear
Bead-head Adams
Feather Body Soft Hackle
Parachute Midge Cluster
Spent Wing Para-Ant
Mirrored Minnow
Black Legged Bug
Patagonian Runner

4th Qtr. 2007
FOTW Archive

1,000 Legged Worm
No Worries Wee Grey May
Bluenose Squirrel Tail
Realistic Water Boatman
The Prism Stimulator
Evan's Fancy
Eastern Green Drake


1st Quarter. 2006
FOTW Archive

The Pinky (shrimp)
Pete's R&B
Hairwing Dun PMD
Embellished Lefty's Deceiver*
The Simon-fly*
Lake Special
Suspender PMD
Calcasieu Pig Boat
Kratville Caddis
Tying Deep Minnow Clones
The Green One (Viherpuna)
The Pull Back Nymph

2nd Qtr. 2006
FOTW Archive

The Woolly Fur-Bugger
Crystal Coyote*
Larva Lace Black Widow
Santiam Surprise
Soft Hackle Fly
Mr. Bill's Flying Ant
Robb's Little Wiggler
Muddled Daddy
Pete's Rogue River Special
S.L.F. Caddis
Boa Yarn Leech
Porcupine, Extended Bodied Comparadun and Spinner
The Jelly Bean

3rd Quarter, 2006
FOTW Archive

The Pink Pearl
BY Bugger
The King's River Caddis
Quick 'N EZY
Silver Outcast
The Reversed Spider
Breadcrust Nymph
Clipped Hackle Spinner
MSA Hopper
Bicolored Boa Leeches
The Ant Carol

4th Qtr. 2006
FOTW Archive

Polar Shrimp Tube Fly
Cajun Coachman
Cinnamon Teardrop (caddis)
Elk Dragon
The Peacock Parachute
The Madam X
Grande Ronde Rudy (Christmas fly)
Hummingbird (Christmas fly)
Yellow Sally (caddis)
The Waterboatman
Red-Butt Hard-Hackle Spider
The Pan-Handler
Klod Hopper


1st Quarter. 2005
FOTW Archive

Benjo's Salmon Fly
Foam Back WD40
PMD Parachute
Stacked Hair Wing Hopper
Tan Mistress*
Al's 4-Bead Head Nymph
Santa's Slay Ride
Harts Skwalla Stonefly
Flat Spent Spinner Mayfly
Blond Wulff
Cased Caddis
Predator Mouse
Bow Juan Worm

2nd Quarter, 2005
FOTW Archive

Foam Bubble Parachute
Beadhead Nymph 17
Conehead Combo
Sparkle Dun, PMD
Those Amazing Wonder Wings
Zonked Squirrel Streamer
QD Mackie
Spinner'd Minners
Spawning Purple
Maxwell's Purple Matuka
Furry Foam Dragon
Deluxe Mako Deceiver*

3rd Quarter, 2005
FOTW Archive

R.A.G. Fly*
Thunder Creek Brown Trout
Stillwater Nymph
E-Z Hopper
Tony's Stillborn
The Convertible
The Sultry Shiner
Creative Foam Fly Tying - Dremel Bugs
Blue-Wing Olive (traditional)
Jeff's Hopper
Parachute Humpy Ant
Sac Fry

4th Qtr. 2005
FOTW Archive

The Fathead Diver
Kim's Cased Caddis
Damsel in Distress
Doug's Articulator*
Hard-Hackle Worm
Mohawk or Pic's Special*
Scott Sanchez's Double Bunny
Klinkhåmmer Special
Christmas Snowman
Marvin Nolte's Henry's Lake Pupa
Black Woolly Worm
Simple Foam Beetle


1st Quarter. 2004
FOTW Archive

The Assom Dragon
Silver Lake EB Mayfly
Paintbrush BWO Hackle Stacker
Alewife (fresh and saltwater)
Copper John
Red Thread Larva
Trojan Midge
Bunny Baitfish
Bucktail Craw Variant
Miracle Midge
Glo Bug
Cream Midge Spinner
2nd Quarter, 2004
FOTW Archive

March Brown PITA
Shallotte Shrimp
Tak's Biot Midge Adult
CDC Loop-Wing Emerger
Topwater Shad (Backer fly)
The Renegade (Bead Head)
Henry's Lake Caddis
Royal Spey
Biot Hackle Stacker
Zebra Midge
Waker Wulff (Hair Hackle)
Cicada Fly 2004

3rd Quarter, 2004
FOTW Archive

EZ Foam Bug
Sparkle Shrimp (Scud)
A Simple Dry/Emerger
Yellow Screemer
Olive Gulper Special
Cranky Cripple
Froggie (Tony Spezio)
Cased Caddis
The Stimulator (Tied Rotary)
Flutter Bug (caddis)
Triple Threat Caddis
Greenens'Articulating Egg Leech
Copper Clad Caddis
4th Quarter, 2004
FOTW Archive

Yellow CCC
DHE Deer Hair Emerger
Rattle Pop - Popper
EasyPeasy USD Mayfly
Crazy Legs: Hand-Crafted Hopper & Cricket Legs
Electric Cricket
Avon Special
Tying The Catskill Style Light Cahill
Foam Traveller's Sedge (Caddis)
AllChuck Caddis
Parachute Ant


1st Quarter. 2003
FOTW Archive

Creative Foam Fly Tying
Hard-Hackle Spider
Mercer Poxyback
Green Drake Emerger
Spectra Streamer*
Green Matuka Glass Bead Fly
Pettis' Pulsating Caddis
The Raptor*
Chamois Nymph
CDC Biot Caddis Emerger
The Renegade
Mikulak Sedge
2nd Quarter, 2003
FOTW Archive

Two Feather May (Extended Body Mayfly)
Crab Apple
Butler's Bug
Rainy's Bead Back Scud
Black Widow Spider (wet)
The Cahills (dry)
Biot Midge Pupa
Clinger Nymph
Souhegan Hopper
Texas BullFrog
Convict Damsel Nymph
The Big Ugly
3rd Quarter, 2003
FOTW Archive

Muddler Minnow
Green Drake, extended body
Texas Crawfish
Chili Pepper
Wired Stonefly
Yuk Bug
Fox's Poopah
Joe's Drowning Ant
Woodards Dragonfly
Orange Shellback
Blue-Winged Olive, Parachute
The Serendipity
The Black Prince

4th Quarter, 2003
FOTW Archive

Patent Pending
Velcro Crab*
Water Floatman
Little Olive Flymph
Hard-Hackle Dragon Fly
Female Trico Hen Spinner
Deep Minnow
March Brown Spundun
Marabou Cottonwood Seed Carp Fly
Drifting Oligochaete Worm
Olive Quill Baetis Dun


1st Quarter. 2002
FOTW Archive

CDC and Elk
LaFontaine Emergent Sparkle Pupa
Texas Foam Midge
Pale Evening Dun
Hillfisher Perch
Krummy PMD Cripple
CDC Caddis
Twisted Stonefly Adult
Comparadun Quill Gordon
Pink Puff*
Chamois Leech
Steelhead CDC
2nd Quarter, 2002
FOTW Archive

Black Dog Nymph
Yellow CDC Mayday
Rubber Legged Hare's Ear
Grizzly Bivisible
Tom Thumb
Thorax Dorothea
CDC Holographic Suspending Midge
Spread Fly*
Agent 99
Wally Wing
Iridescent Flashback Scud
3rd Quarter, 2002
FOTW Archive

Blue-Wing Olive CDC Biot Comparadun
Peg's Midge Dry
Ostrich Mayfly Nymph
Hexagenia and Drake Extended Body Mayflies
Cinnamon Sedge (Caddis)
Quad Wing Spent Caddis
Baby Crayfish
Skykomish Sunrise
JM's Salmon Fly
Peacock Midge
Bead Head Squirrel Leech
Dark Stonefly Nymph
4th Quarter, 2002
FOTW Archive

The Strymph
Partridge and Yellow
Black Ghost
The Ugly Fly
Black Gold-Head Nymph
Virtual Minnow
Zug Bug
Woodchuck Special
Prince Nymph
York Molted Crayfish
Lunn's Particular
Knit Picking Mayfly


1st Quarter, 2001
FOTW Archive

Holey Head Flies (method)
The Skunk
Bird's Nest
Vice Streamer
Diving Caddis
Trinity Olive
Dunc's Floating Carey
Mickey Finn
Henryville Special
Biot Midges
Draggin (Dragon Fly Nymph)
Clark's Damselfly
Back Beach Bomber*

2nd Quarter, 2001
FOTW Archive

Flashy Anchovy*
Goddard Caddis
H & L Variant (House and Lot)
The Creature
Shineabou Sunfish
Tinker Mackerel*
Dan Z Zonker
Partridge and Olive Emerger
Crappie Candy
Coffin Fly
Paul's Polafibre Minnow*
White Deer Hair Moth

3rd Quarter, 2001
FOTW Archive

Mullet Fly*
Horse Fly
Ghost Shrimp*
Bearcat's Hopper
Foam Beetle
Kinky Fly*
Upside Down Sculpin
Al's Shrimpf*
Clouser Minnow
Simple Streamers
Silver Doctor
Trico Poly Wing Spinner
4th Quarter, 2001
FOTW Archive

Marabou P.T. Nymph
March Brown Spider
Summer Twilight II
Pamet Special*
Leadwing Coachman
Aftershaft Leech
The Cummings
Rabbit Strip Slider
Gray Swimmer Nymph
The DH1 (Diving Hopper 1)
Wiggle Larva
Horner's Deer Hair
Red Quill Spinner

1st Quarter, 2000
FOTW Archive

Bunse Green Drake
Bass Woolly Bugger
The SMP (Skip Morris Panfish)
Hank's Red Apple
Cyber Stone
Miracle Fly
Pete's Prop Fly*
Pete's Slider*
Prairie Hopper
Leonard Shrimp
CDC Mayfly Dun
2nd Quarter, 2000
FOTW Archive

Peeking Caddis
One-Wing Up Mayfly
Quill Gordon
Al's Stonefly Nymph
Rio Grande King Trude
A.P. Olive Crystal Nymph
Morrisfoam Golden Stone
Cinnamon Caddis Pupa
March Brown Comparadun
The McGinty
Steelhead Bee (Spey)
Brown Fur Ant/Transparent Ant
Tricorythodes/Tricos - Dun
3rd Qtr.2000
FOTW Archive

Tricorythodes/Tricos - Spinner
Blue Mountain Dragon - Nymph
Lee's Ferry Midge
Lady Heather
Carrot Nymph
Deer Hair Beetle
Girdle Bug
Alpha - Omega
Imitator Shrimp*
Clark's Stonefly
Dizzy Blond
Olive Varigator
4th Qtr. 2000
FOTW Archive

Simi Seal Leech
Bear's Hex Nymph
Junk Yard Dawg*
Fall Favorite
Marabou Spawn Sac
Copper and Partridge
Deerfield Special
Twisted Damsel
Henry's Crawfish
Emergent Sparkle Pupa
Buffy the Striper Slayer*
JP's Trout Snack
Santa Claus Fly

3rd Qtr.1999
FOTW Archive

Jacobite Spey Fly
Ephemerella dorothea
Western Grey Nymph
Western Grey Drake
Chernobyl Ant
Just Another Fly
Funk's Special
Banana Squid*
Corey's Calf Tail
Transparent Minnow*
One for Martha
Grahame Green
4th Qtr.1999
FOTW Archive

Crazy Charlie*
Delaware River Hellgrammite
Woven Dragonfly Nymph
Egg-Sucking Leech
Golden Furnace Streamer
The RS2 of Rim Chung
Rabbit Fur Streamer
Elk Hair Caddis
Humpy - (Skip Morris)
Brown Drake Emerger
Rat-Faced McDougal
The Millinnium Fly (Contest)

1st Qtr. 1999
FOTW Archive

Major Bunker*
Lithuanian Bat
Daddy Longlegs
Lefty's Bug
Partridge/Orange Soft Hackle
The Spirit
Caseless Caddis
DJ's Tarpon Fly*
Mat's Stone Fly
Purple Peril*
Original Foam Stone
Standing Shrimp*
2nd Qtr. 1999
FOTW Archive

Inverted Muddler Minnow*
Corsair Silly Minnow*
California Nugget
Blond Wulff
Garside Gurgler
Cased Caddis
Blue Charm
COSS - (Caddis Of Some Sort)
General Practitioner*
Gocha Girl
Green Butt Butterfly*

3rd Qtr.1998
FOTW Archive

Zoo Cougar
Black Gnat
Rock's Crayfish
Orange Serendipity
Terra's Revenge
Green Leaf Hopper
Modified Carey Special
Six's Red Tail
Rainy's Snail
Big Red Surprise*
4th Qtr. 1998
FOTW Archive

Polar Bear Baitfish*
D's Glory
South Branch Chub
Cold Water Squid*
Green Highlander
The Godawful Garish Gar Grabber
Yellow Humpy
Tube Midge Larva
Wiggle Bug
Rocky Road Caddis
Mini Hammerhead Nymph*
Yule Mouse
March Brown Nymph

1st Qtr. 1998
FOTW Archive

Jim Evans' Zonker Minnow
Al's C-B Scud
Black Prawn*
Lady's Fish Finder
Mysis Shrimp
Al's Poly Sucker
Royal Coachman
Joe's Hopper
Al's Catch All Sculpin
Ephemera Vulgata
Oyster Cracker*
2nd Qtr 1998
FOTW Archive

The Fizzle
Compara Hex
Mr. X
Cahill Ripple Foam Emerger
Pink Lady
Black Fur Ant
Dahlberg Diver
Bolton's Special
Lady Amherst
Robert's Mayfly (Hex)
Castwell's Marble Head*

3rd Qtr. 1997
FOTW Archive

Steeves' Firefly
Lefty's Deceiver*
Olive Paradun
Castwell's Chum Fly*
4th Qtr. 1997
FOTW Archive

Silver Hilton*
Orange Stimulator
Griffith's Gnat
Woolly Bugger
McVay Gotcha*
Clouser Swimming Nymph*
Royal Squirrel
Antron Spent Caddis
Moose-mane Adams
Mike Croft's Stillwater Midge
Flicted Damselfly Nymph
Red Setter

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