Fly Angler's OnLine "Fly of the Week #23"

Lady's Fish Finder

February 2nd, 1998

Fish Finder


Any barbless dry fly hook 10 to 18.


Black 3/0 - 6/0.


Long #1 quality grizzly or brown.

The origin of this fly seems to be lost in history. I, at least, have no clue to anyone willing to claim the thing. (Well, other than the Ladyfisher.) As to whether it can be said to be the predecessor of the bi-visible is also unclear; perhaps it was. Probably the fly has been invented thousands of times in the annals of our sport and may have carried as many names.

We first tied and started using it on the AuSable River in Michigan in the mid 1960's to represent merely a 'life-form' fly. There were times of multiple mayflies, mixed with caddis activity, and various trout feeding on differen t foods and varying stages of each. These were back in the 'good-old-days' of non-selective trout, and non-selective trout fishermen. JC

Tying Instructions:

  1. Pinch down barb or use barbless hook.

  2. Start thread near rear of hook and tie in one long hackle by the tip, dull side facing the eye of the hook.

  3. Wind thread to head area.

  4. Wrap hackle forward keeping dull side toward eye.

  5. Tie off hackle, whip and cement head.

"Tying Tip"

Keeping the DULL side of the hackle forward will keep the barbels all pointing to the front. This makes the fly ride better on the water. When you tie off the hackle take two turns around the quill of the hackle and then make a turn over the hook. This locks the feather better than just winding thread over the end of it. JC

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