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Why? is the creation of Deanna Lee Travis, first lady member of T.U., co-founder of the first F.F.F. chapter in Michigan and the first licensed female fishing guide in Montana. was produced and is maintained to give the fly fishers of today the opportunity to enjoy the international fraternity and fellowship which are central and unique to the sport.

We continue to provide information in a full and easy-to-follow format to those who are not only new to fly fishing, but to the Internet as well. We also provide a pleasant and inviting format for the seasoned angler, whether his goal is trout, panfish, or salt water species. Those who contribute stories and other works are usually fishers who write, rather than writers who fish. (FAOL) promotes fly fishing and attempts to help make the transition from spinning to fly-fishing easy and fun. With this in mind many support our efforts to develop those who will be their customers, now and in the future. To support FAOL is to support the growth of fly fishing. We welcome your support.

Who Are We?

Frankly, is the largest fly-fishing information web site, period. We are a magazine, (webzine) publishing a new issue every other Monday morning. As each issue is indexed and archived the information continues to accumulate, only a mouse click away.

We are read on a continuing basis by those in 127 countries of the world. Basically, we are the only web site where one can find nearly everything on fly fishing. We do not claim to have it all on here yet, but we are working on it.

FAOL has many features; interesting articles and commentary, 'The Angler's Hut,' a twenty-four hour, real-time chat-room, with a lively group of hosts who monitor and oversee the chat room more than fifty hours a week. We have an excellent Bulletin Board constantly offering a wide choice of topics, including fly tying, fly casting, warm water, fly lines, leaders, knots, and a lot of 'how to.' There are over 9,000 registered users.

The Numbers

Our numbers seem to bear out the success and acceptance of FAOL. FlyAnglersOnLine has developed a very loyal following. On the average day, roughly 7,000 unique visitors read FAOL. We don't put a lot of stock in so-called 'hit' numbers since they can be easily manipulated, but if you or your advertising agency are hooked on them; an average day produces about 400,000 hits. (We do however break 500,000 daily hits regularly.) That means nearly 9 MILLION hits per month, roughly 100,000,000 KB per month. It may have something to do with over 38,643 pages of information available. It seems the word is out!

Print advertising for FAOL, phase two of our marketing plan, is now in place in the Fly Fishing and Tying Journal, MidWest Fly Fisherman, and Salmon Trout and Steelhead.

The average user stays on FAOL 13 minutes and 57 seconds per visit. (Not including the Chat Room or Bulletin Board visitors.) 36% of our readers are from the eastern US and Canada, 24% central US and Canada, 15% mountain US and Canada, 16% Pacific, 2% Alaska with the remainder from (in order) Australia/New Zealand, South America, South Africa, Asia and nearly every other country in the world. We are happy to supply a list of those countries on request, 120 countries per week.

51% of our readers have been fly fishing less than 5 years. Please note we provide a section, For Beginners, 44 articles in Fly Fishing 101, as well as both Beginning, (in English and Spanish) Intermediate, (also in Spanish) Advanced and Classic Atlantic Salmon Fly Tying. Also a complete course on How to Build Your Own Graphite Rod is provided in both English and Spanish.

What a Sponsor Gets

We offer a sponsor several features: A 'warm and fuzzy' page as we call it, right here on FAOL. This is designed specifically to offer you an opportunity to let your customers really get to know you. Not the type of information normally used in print media. We try to humanize your image, to let others know you as more than just another 'Company.'

We will make occasional changes to the page at your request free of charge, quarterly and monthly upgrades are made according to the sponsor's level of participation. One or more links are placed on these pages to take the reader off our site and onto yours. Not in a 'Frame' on our site, they are on yours.

Our 'Rotator-Buttons' are strategically, but tastefully placed in many places on the site: front page, bulletin-boards, sub-indexes and the 'Anglers Hut.' Clicking on any of these buttons takes you to the main Sponsor Page. There are the 'buttons' of all the current sponsors with a short teaser about each. Selecting these takes you to each's 'Warm and Fuzzy' page.

FAOL offers prizes each month for answering the questions from the drawing page. Some sponsors are offered the opportunity to donate these prizes. This is a tremendous value - our front page for a month for a nominal fee and the product!

We do not sell or reveal the names or email addresses of our readers.

The length of sponsorship is one year, beginning at the time of registration.

Bottom Line

Fly Anglers OnLine is unique. A reader cannot buy anything on FAOL. The only thing we sell is FLY FISHING! If a reader wishes to buy something we provide links and information to our Sponsors. We provide those Sponsors with a highly targeted, motivated readership. Fly fishers who have the interest, time, and money (pre-qualified, they already own a computer and have the interest and time to use it) to become your customer. Isn't this a market you want to reach?

The Strategic Plan for the National Outreach and Communication Program (Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council) stresses the importance of maintaining those already involved in fishing - and recruiting new people into fishing. FAOL is doing both by providing real, honest information and instruction. Isn't this a program you want to support?

Bottom line? It's a win-win situation on both counts!

For financials on sponsorship, or any other questions, please call Deanna Lee Travis, publisher at 406-222-6530, or by email.

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