Beginning Fly Tying

Here we will show techniques that allow you to construct your favorite flies. The intent is to provide a section that carries what you learn into intermediate or advanced Flys.

Part 1
"Welcome to Beginning Fly Tying
Part 2
"The Hook"
Part 3
The Fly Vise
Part 4
"Tying Tools"
Part 5
"Matarelli-style Whip Finishers"
Part 6
"Thompson style whip finisher"
Part 7
"The EZ-Nymph"
Part 8
"Fall Midge Emerger"
Part 9
Part 10
"Tailwater and Spring Creek Favorites"
Part 11
"All Time Favorites - Hare's Ear and Pheasant Tail "
Part 12
"Hackle and the Woolly Worm"
Part 13
"Woolly Bugger and Montana Nymph"
Part 14
Marabou Damsel Nymph
Part 15
The Basic Dry Fly
Part 16
Split Tails, Wings and Thorax Flies
Part 17
Turkey Flats and Hackle Tip Wings
Part 18
The Adams
Part 19
Royal Wulff
Part 20
The Humpy


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