Fly Fishing 101 - For Beginners

Welcome. This section is primarily for those of you getting into fly fishing for the first time. We say this tongue in cheek because, actually, there are a lot of the 'older-experienced' fly fishers out there who could use some brush up.

So, no matter your level of expertise or experience, join us here for some inside info on understanding the basics of fly fishing.

Advanced Nymphing Techniques

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fly Rod Basics

Fly Rod Cleaning Made Easy

What is Action in a Rod?

How Important Are Reels? As in Catching Fish?

Unscrambling The Fly Line Alphabet Soup

Lines for Trout
Take Care of Your Flyline
Double Taper vs Weight Forward Fly Lines

Ok, I've Got My Stuff, Now What?

Loading Line and Backing

Leaders and Tippets

Wader Tips

Choosing the right pair of waders for YOU

Give a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Fly Fishing IS Casting!

Casting Basics

Finding the Fish!

The Figure 8 Retrieve

How to Hook 'em

Hide and Seek

For a Big Bite Look for the Bugs!

The Insects!

Scuds and Sowbugs
Damsels and Dragons
Artificial Flies

Underwater Caddis

Stone Flies


Mayfly Nymphs


Tube it?

Fly-Fishing Ethics

Recommendations for the Beginning Fly-Fisher

The 10 Best Nymphs

The 10 Best Streamers

My First Fish On A Fly

Size Does Matter

The 10 Best Wet Flies

The 10 Best Dry Flies

So What Went Wrong?

Rise Forms

Common Sense Mayfly Hatches

Fishing Nymphs


Deep Swing With Retrieve
Wet Fly Retrieved Near Surface
Deep Drifted Fly
Nymph(s), Lightly Weighted or Heavily Weighted
Wet Fly Swung
Dry Fly Swung
Dry Fly, Dead Drift

Check Your Surroundings For Better Fishing

Why Fish?

What is Hackle?

No Fishing!

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