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Fly Fishing 101, Part 8
Give a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Here at the holiday season, I am suggesting you give someone else the gift of fly fishing. Perhaps someone dear to you was a fly fisher years ago - before babies, a house with a mortgage and new carpeting. Encourage that person to get back into fly-fishing.

Or maybe you have a fishing friend who hasn't yet been exposed to fly fishing. Fly fishing delivers the satisfaction of not just catching, but the enjoyment of casting. Fly-fishing is the perfect way to get the person who had an interest in the outdoors back outdoors.

Don't panic. I'm not suggesting you go out and buy a rod, reel or such. You won't have a clue on those items (unless you have been presented with a "What I Want For Christmas" list). Here are some ideas to consider tho.

Get a couple of books about fly-fishing. These books fall into two basic groups - "how to" and "why to." Pick something from the "why to" group. The following are in that group, and should be available at your local book dealer or fly shop.

Ted Leeson's Habit of Rivers, Seth Norman's Meanderings, the classic A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean (or if you loved the film, pick up the video Shadow Casting which is an on-location piece on the making of the movie. Really super.)

Other great choices are Anatomy of a Fisherman or either of Robert Travers' other two fly-fishing books. Howell Raines Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis is probably misnamed, but it will invoke memories in any angler. Anything by Jerry Dennis is a personal favorite of mine.

Humor is where you find it, and Another Lousy Day in Paradise by John Gierach is a delight. You might also check out the Book Review section for more ideas.

The message you will be giving to the recipient is that you care. And hope they will get out, smell the roses, and reduce his or her personal stress. A gift of fly fishing is not a small thing. It's what memories are made of. And who knows, you just might get a terrific fishing buddy.

Stop by the Chat Room and meet some fellow anglers. It is a nice bunch of people - always willing to help new fly fishers! Or just share your fishing adventures. Fair skys and tight lines, ~ DB

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