Al Campbell, Field Editor

July 20th, 2002

Getting Organized
By Al Campbell

Some people think I'm an organized person. They don't know me very well. The organized person in this house is my wife. My form of organization is a sticky note stuck to my computer desk or monitor. Anything else is just guesswork or maybe memory.

I don't rely on memory much anymore either. I have reminders on my calendar to tell me to remember my wedding anniversary, my wife's birthday, and anything else that might be important enough that I don't want to forget it. I call it survival; my wife calls it scatterbrained. If I didn't make those notes, I'd be single again I'm sure. Forgetting birthdays and anniversaries isn't accepted around here or (I suspect) in any household.

That reminds me; I wanted to go to the New York Fish-In this year. I wanted to go so bad, I made tentative plans to go and almost made a big mistake. I completely forgot that I had family visiting that week, and the date had been planned over a year ago. If my wife hadn't reminded me of that fact, I'd be in the doghouse with my family right now. I hate it when she's right and then gives me that "look" to let me know she thinks I'm losing it.

This week while some of you are enjoying the company of others I'd like to meet, I'll be working feverishly to finish some more of the basement remodeling project so it will look almost presentable for my parents' visit. While some of you are catching fish or trying to beat Castwell in the casting contest, I'll be showing my family some of the tourist spots in the Black Hills (if there are any left by then). While Hans is tying stuff on a hook so small I can't even see it, I'll be pounding nails, cutting trim or trying to find hiding places for the stuff I don't want anyone to see until the basement project is finished.

This week I'll be wishing I were there with you. The fun and fellowship at the Fish-In is something akin to summer camp when I was young. If some people knew how much fun you guys are having, they would take the matter to court to have it banned. As one person said at the 1999 Fish-In, "It's as much fun as you can have with your clothes on". My body will be here, but my heart is there with you.

Al's Desk

Anyway, does this look like the desk of an organized person? I don't think it does either. Next year I hope to be more organized, especially my time. If I can accomplish that, I'll spend the next Fish-In with you. That is, if my wife doesn't organize another remodeling project for me to accomplish in the time between now and then. (By the way, the walls behind the desk are part of the current project.)

Have fun and bring lots of pictures back with you so you can rub it in when I read about your trip. ~ AC

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