Al Campbell, Field Editor

Our dear friend Al Campbell passed away from incurable brain cancer April 28, 2005. We miss him very much. His writing remains here in hopes he can help yet more people who wish to learn fly fishing, tying, and rod building...or just share his passion for the outdoors. You will find an obituary honoring him HERE.

Previous Al Campbell Articles


1st Quarter. 2004
Al Campbell Archive

Ultimate Fish Detector
Too Simple PMD Nymph
Crazy Days
Too simple Blood Worm
Don't Bug Me!
Too Simple San Juan Worm
Too Simple Ray Charles
The Geezer Test
Too Simple Extended Body Bunny Mayfly (TSEBM)
Things Not Planned For
Too Simple Bunny Emerger
10 Top Secrets to Catch Fish

2nd Qtr. 2004
Al Campbell Archive

Too Simple Baetis Nymph
The Meaning of Life
Too Simple Mayfly Dry
Basic Magic Baetis Mayfly
Where Have All Our Senses Gone?
Too Simple Elk Hair Caddis
Rock Chuck October Caddis #2
Old Time Music
Too Simple Black Beetle
Shwapf Beetle
Learning How to Mend
Blues, Albies and Dramamine
Fly Tier Gone Wild

3rd Quarter. 2004
Al Campbell Archive

Rainbows, Rest Stops, and Deadheads
What did I do for three weeks?
Saving Water, Part One (Big Horn River, MT)
Saving Water, Part 2
Saving Water, Part 3
L2L Connection System
The Non-Fisherman
Late Show at the Fish-In
I'm Worn Out
Wind River Gloves
J&W Outfitters Fishing Backpack
Ten Bucks or Ten Days
All that Stuff, Part 1

4th Quarter. 2004
Al Campbell Archive

Denver Fly Show
One Great Guy (Guest Column)
Always the Teacher (Guest Column)

1st Quarter. 2003
Al Campbell Archive

Digital Imaging Part 1
Digital Imaging Part 2
Digital Imaging Part 3
Digital Imaging Part 4
Digital Imaging Part 5
Digital Imaging Part 6
Digital Imaging Part 7
Digital Imaging Part 8
Digital Imaging Part 9
Digital Imaging Part 10
A Cure for The Common Cold
A War On Us
2nd Quarter. 2003
Al Campbell Archive

Shock and Awe
Do It Yourself Rod Stand
2nd Pass Trout
Where To Fish A Hatch
Liquid Lace Sowbug
Do fish feel pain?
Caddis on the run
Nuclear Bugs
Dumb and Dumber, Part 1
Dumb and Dumber, Part 2
The Grand Illusion
Home Waters, Part 1
Home Waters - part 2
3rd Quarter. 2003
Al Campbell Archive

Home Waters - part 3
Home Waters - part 4
Home Waters - part 5
Home Waters - part 6
Home Waters - part 6 (conclusion)
What If B.A.S.S. Tournament Anglers Started Flyfishing?
Basic Skills
Downstream and Dry
Unseen Treasures on a Hot Summer Day
Proper planning
Al's Pick of the Show
See You There?
A Flyfisher's Guide to a Better Vocabulary

4th Quarter. 2003
Al Campbell Archive

SHWAPF - Matching hatches with just one pattern
Random Thoughts on the Idaho Fish-In
Autumn Bonanza
What Really Matters
Bachelor States
New Water-Resistant Digital Camera
Snow Fever
A New Fly Rod
Color My World
Albright Rod Test
Buford's Christmas Carol
The Year In Review


1st Quarter. 2002
Al Campbell Archive

Where Do We Go From Here?
First Fly Rod?
She Thinks She Knows Me
A Lasting Legacy
Junk Mail Rantings
Discover Nymphs the Easy Way
Men Are From Caves
Dropper Flies
Strike Indicators
Head Cement
Advanced Vision
Have We Come This Far?
2nd Quarter. 2002
Al Campbell Archive

An Attack on Cane Rods
Fishing Buddy Test
What Do You See?
Learning Curve - Rod Building
Learning Curve - Fly Tying
Learning Curve - How To Destroy a Fly Rod
Learning Curve - Thread Tension and Bobbin Adjustment
Learning Curve - Priorities
You're Getting Old When
The Great Bear Lake Adventure
Changing Times
Flyfishing is like Baseball
After the Movie
3rd Quarter. 2002
Al Campbell Archive

Too Busy To Know The Difference
Black Hills Of South Dakota On Fire
Common Sense
Getting Organized
A Prayer for Restoration
Rough Edges
Remember When?
Responsible Sportsmanship
Pig Kissing Fools
Photographer's Fly Tying Bench
Blind Squirrels and Fish
Al's Pick of the Show for 2002
Photography Up Close
Photography Up Close, Part 2

4th Qtr. 2002
Al Campbell Archive

Photography Up Close, Part 3
Photography Up Close, Part 4
Photography Up Close, Part 5
Devious Trickery, (Part 6)
Photography Up Close, conclusion
Winter Projects
The Great Thankgiving Turkey Hunt
My Silent Voice
Exclusive Membership
A Matter of Choice
The Santa Trap
Alas, the year is gone


Al's Pick
An Attack on Freedom
Windows of Time
Because Al Said So
NWTF Family Day
Get Rich Quick - Commercial Fly Tying
Get Rich Quick - Custom Rod Building
Get Rich Quick - Fly Shop Owner
Get Rich Quick - Outdoor Writer
Get Rick Quick - Guide
The Handiman
What Makes a Hackle Good?
Darnit's Christmas Tree
The Great Hockey Game

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