Was planning on going out with Chris again today. He called at 8:30am and told me he was a no go due to his knee aching. He over did the day before. I was also sore and contemplated staying home and resting. I sat n the recliner for a bit. I checked the weather and saw Sunday and Monday were going to be good for fishing. I got dressed and decided to hit an easy close stretch. As I drove north I thought about alternative places in case my close pick was taken. Three of my close places were taken.

I had procured some new permission in December about 30 minutes away. No one was on the stretch. I was on the water by 11am. Was partly cloudy and water clarity was good. Was 34 degrees when I began. It got up to 39 in the middle. I had to unbutton my coat. Later in the outing the wind picked up and I closed the coat.

The first short stretch was open pasture. It was old permission. I scored three right away. I was excited about the adjoining stretch and zoomed through the open pasture. The other side of the fence there were tall brown weeds and greasy banks.

When I see a nice bend, I typically take a photo prior to fishing it. This bend had a spring "Thermal" feeding in about half way up the curve on the left. I banged 11 browns out of this hole. Most were small. One of the first casts I rolled a big fish. I was angry at all the littles getting in the way and spooking the big dog that rolled.

None of the fish caught in this hole were in the fast water. I walked up to the 90 degree turn and dropped a short cast on the slow water just above the bend and was rewarded.