After rereading some of Rick Ziegler's panfish articles this winter, I decided to tie up some boa leeches. Couldn't find any boa yarn in the flyshops, so I headed to the craft store. I now have a lifetime supply of yarn and no good place to store it. I thought some other fly tyers might want to try to tie boa leeches, but don't want to buy the material in bulk or don't have easy access to a craft shop.

I'm selling 15 packages of eyelash yarn. Each package contains one 4 yard sample of each of the 7 eyelash yarns listed below (total of 28 yards of material).

I'd like $7 cash per package. I'll pay shipping and handling (CONUS).

Here's what I've got.
4 colors of Yarn Barn Elvish Eyelash yarn - lash is 1/2 inch long
Black (licorice), yellow (marigold), white (sugar), and mottled purple (raisin)

3 colors of Yarn Barn Gilt Eyelash - lash is 1 inch long
Black with black flash (deepnight), white with gold flash (sunspark), and
black with gold flash (nightfire)
The gilt eyelash yarn looks more like the funfur rather than the eyelash or boa yarn. The lash is a combination of thread and tinsel/flash.

I've cut each of the 7 eyelash yarns into 4 yard strips. I've placed each 4 yard strip in a small ziplock bag and labeled the contents. I've wrapped the elvish yarn around notecards to keep the lash flat. For $7, you get 7 bags of eyelash yarn delivered to your door.

PM me if you are interested or have questions. I check this BB usually once or twice a day during the week.