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Boa Yarn Leach
By Rick Zieger

I got my first boa yarn in a yarn swap about 3 or 4 years ago. I was palmering this on a Woolly Bugger, for hackle, when I had a thought that it might make a leech.

I wrapped this on a hook and tried it and it worked fairly well. All my hints on tying this fly are in the pattern.

I fish this fly using small strips with short pauses most of the time. I also like to shake the rod tip a little as I am retrieveing the fly. Put the fly in the water, after it is wet and see what actions you can make the fly do as you do various things to the rod and line. I have also had some fish jump on this fly as it is being retrieved just under the surface. It is my go to fly for warmwater panfishing at this time. It is my contribution ot the fly tying world. Enjoy it.

Materials Boa Yarn Leach:

    Hook: Your choice.

    Body: Boa Yarn, your choice of colors.

Tying Instructions for Boa Yarn Leach:

    1. Attach thread and wrap to bend. Tie on boa yarn perpendicular to the shank as shown in figure 1.

    2. Wrap thread to near eye and then palmer the boa yarn up the eye.

    3. Tie off at the head.

    4. You can put a bead head on this fly also. Another hint is to put a small drop of zap-a-gap at the bend when you tie the material on and at the head after a couple of wraps of thread have been put on. Then whip finish. ~ Rick Zieger

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