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Fishing in the Czech Republic

Charles Bridge
By Tim Baldwin

Mention the Czech Republic and what comes to mind?

Astronomical Clock

For many it is the picturesque views of the city, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Tyn, Prague Castle, the Astronomical Clock and of course Charles Bridge.

What a lot of people don't realize is that outside of the city of Prague awaits a largely undiscovered country with its rolling hills, green pastures, smaller towns and villages and an abundance of history dating back many, many centuries.

North Bohemia

Another unknown quality of the Czech Republic is its nature and wildlife. Imagine driving through the countryside from one town or village to the next and seeing birds of prey circling over head, wild deer grazing in herds in the open fields, as well as standing on the edge of a bubbling river, coursing its way through the land, with fish rising all around.

Trout fishing in the Czech Republic

Yes, fishing in the Czech Republic for many is truly an unknown quantity.

Grayling fishing in the Czech Republic

Forget the old images you have in your head about a dirty, polluted, ex-communist state, and replace these images with waterways cascading down from the mountains that encircle the country, feeding the lower larger rivers filled with trout that rise cautiously to the passing food floating down on the waters surface. Think about grayling hungrily sucking everything that looks like food and spitting out that that isn't, overhanging trees and steep hillsides rising from the opposite bank of the river with deep pools and troughs carved out by the fast flowing water. And here you have a perfect and idyllic view of what fishing is like in the Czech Republic.

Grayling fishing in the Czech Republic Fishing in the Czech Republic is basically split into six regions (although some, including the locals will obviously dispute this statement). In the centre is Central Bohemia, filled with its large rivers, reservoirs, lakes and smaller streams. Central Bohemia for this reason is predominantly a coarse fishing area. There are some smaller rivers with good trout but on the whole, the region is for the coarse specialists, boasting some large carp and catfish as well as other species such as zander and pike, Central Bohemia is an excellent place to fish.

South Bohemia

Encircling Central Bohemia are the four regions of North, East, South and West Bohemia. Each with its own merits and each offering very, very good fly fishing for trout and grayling…as well as coarse fishing. As I have said before the rivers cascade down off the surrounding mountains, either through deep, rock filled canyons or along gentler meandering valleys. Which ever, each river has its own character, which will enthrall even the most experienced of fishermen.

Grayling fishing in the Czech Republic

The final region is Moravia, in the far east of the country. An unknown quantity for many visitors. Due to its lack of accessibility Moravia is for most undiscovered country. There are no real airports feeding the area so to get there a hire car or transport of your own is a must. Moravia is filled with mountains and game rivers that provide some very good fishing indeed.

So, appetites wetted, and fishing kit stood waiting in the corner. Take a look at what the Czech Republic has to offer.

Fishing holidays and fishing tours in the Czech Republic are very, very cheap. Typically a fully guided fishing tour of the whole country including accommodation will cost you less than 1000GBP (approx $1,600 US), and regional holidays costing around 500GBP ($750 US). For this reason, the affordability, along with the peaceful environment and unspoiled country, more and more people are choosing to visit the Czech Republic for their next fishing trip.

Will you be one of them?

Coming soon: The opening days of the fishing season in the Czech Republic. ~ Tim Baldwin

About Tim:

Born in London, England, age 34, 1.5 kids 2nd due in 6 weeks). Been fishing since the age of 6 or 7. First day fishing was at a location called Fishers Green in Essex. Dad didn't catch anything, I kept catching Barbel. From there was hooked. Progressed into Fly Fishing as I found Coarse a bit on the boring side. I am hyperactive so I don't like sitting around waiting. I am the more Pro-Active type.

Moved to the Czech Republic in 2001 and started a British Travel Company (Prague Tours (UK) Ltd) of which Czech Coarse & Fly Fishing is a subsidiary, designed my first web sites which have now evolved into what they are today. See

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