Well today I saw some carp sipping some stuff off the top and decided I would go after them. Realizing that this was a low percentage shot and considering my aching back, I only cast a dozen or so times before giving up. Later, while showing my family the school of fish, I looked around and realized that the fish were taking, of all things, ELM SEEDS. They are about 7 by 5 mm, oblong, light brown and have a tiny stem. I decided that, backache or not, I was going to give those fish an opportunity to manke my day. Because there was also a lot of pine pollen on the water ( and everything else ) I went with yellow. The only pattern anywhere close in my collection was a size 14 yellow beetle with pheasant tail legs ( see the fly of the week archives to look at a black one ). Well after a few casts, I dropped the fly amoungst the pod of rising fish and let it sit there. A subtle movement of my line or intuition or blind luck resulted in my raising the rod. FISH ON! Well After about 5 minutes I realised that my wife was back in the house (50 yards away) getting a supper ready that would be cold when I landed this monster. As luck would have it, I had my cell phone in my pocket and called her. She brought my 2 boys and the camera out just in case I landed this fish. After about 20 minutes, the fish wrapped around a sunken tree in front of my dock and I knew the battle was probably lost. Indeed, a minute or so later the hook broke and released this beauty I estimate to be about 36 inches long. We did get a look at it as it was wrapping around the tree and it was awesome, certainly the largest fish I have ever had on. When I got back to the house I realised that the fly was tied for bream and was on a size 14 3x fine dry fly hook. I am surprised that it lasted as long as it did. Maybe next time.

Chuck Hitt