Do you believe in Miracles? Twenty-Five years ago, a simple hockey game caused the people to believe in themselves again!

Twenty young men from North Dakota, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Minnesota, did what most thought was impossible. People, who did not know the difference between a Clothesline and a Blue Line, started to believe in themselves and their country.

February 22nd 1980, was not a good time in the USA. We had our Embassy Staff in Iran, being held hostage, shortage of fuel because of an embargo by Arab Oil producing countries, inflation was double digit (house loans were at 18%). People thought that the future was looking very dark!

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005 the arena where the ?Miracle on Ice? took place will be renamed the ?Herb Brooks Arena?. A man, who was embarrassed by all the attention after the USA Hockey Team won the gold, will be honored. His wife Patty and their children will be there for the dedication.

Jim Craig, who was the goalie for the USA Hockey Team in all of the games, probably said it best. ?We weren?t a dream team but a team full of dreamers.?

Herb Brooks never got to play in the Olympics for the USA Hockey Team, he was the last man cut from the squad, before the USA Hockey Team went to Squaw Valley CA in 1960, where the USA, last won the Gold Medal in Hockey until 1980!

Herb was a true dreamer, and still dreamed his dreams, until they come true! Herb Brooks, died in a auto accident August 11th, 2003, he is missed by many of us.


PS: I know this has nothing to do with fly angling, but it has to do with something a lot more important, believing in ourselves when time are tough!

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