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Thread: Winged based on misunderstanding?

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    Default Winged based on misunderstanding?

    Recently, I was re-reading some noted authors on sub-surface flies, their designs, and the reasoning behind their designs.

    I have never believed in winged wets. Never understood the reason for their design.

    I have not found any insect who's wings came completely out of the shuck before reaching the surface.

    I have seen innumerable dead insects floating on the water surface - not below the surface.

    I have seen dead spinners and I have seen many, many cripples IN the surface film......none sunken with wings over their backs.

    I found a piece written be Ed Zern. He maintains that winged wets were based on the incorrect belief that insects got blown down to the water surface, died, and sunk.......or they were cripples and died and then drowned.

    I believe some earlier fly designs were based on just bad understanding of the lifestyle of insects and their behavior.

    Your thoughts?
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