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    My buddy and I waded up to this hole. Our expectations were great. It had big and lots of trout written all over it. Frank picked up one smallish brown on the left as he put himself in place to fish the "Gravy Train".

    He fished it for 35 minutes and nary a hit. I fished it for 5 minutes and same thing for me.

    The hole looked awesome and our expectations were high. As we went upstream to fish we noticed a spot with no grass on it where a local had been camped numerous times. We could even see lawn chair indents.

    We would have fished it the same even if we had seen the worm dunker's perch.

    This hole gave me no delusions of grandeur coming up on it and I walked right up on it. Big mistake. The trout were screaming every direction.

    The water blasting down those shallows bounced off that bank before the bush and cut a nice bathtub sized hole under it.

    The next time I came back I fished that hole properly and picked up over a dozen trout.

    Ain't trout fishing grand!!!
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