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    I have posted a link to an image (can't figure out how to copy and paste it) of one of the small 'rivers' on the Front Range that I prefer to fish. It really doesn't qualify for the moniker 'river' but 'creek' might be doing it a bit of disservice as well. The river is usually quite tranquil. You can gauge what the typical size of the river is by the two lines of trees on the right. They frame the river's normal channel and even then, it is about 3 times as full as you'd ordinarily see it during run-off in the late spring/early summer seasons, Anyway, I won't be going back up there to fish anytime soon.

    Sorry but I discovered the Denver Post is adding more photos. When I first clicked on the link it was originally photo #25 in a long line. Last I checked as of 10 a.m. Mountain Time it was photo 26 and I suspect they'll be adding a lot more photos as the day wears on. So you may have
    to scroll through to find it. The caption to the photo reads,

    26 of 197
    Hwy 7 is completely blown out from the South St. Vrain river as a torrent of raging water rips through it about 12 miles west of Lyons, CO. along Highway 7 on September 12, 2013. (Photo By Helen H. Richardson/ The Denver Post)
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