ASF Rivernotes - Good News and Not So Good News
There have been big events in the past week, not least a reopening on the Miramichi. ASF Rivernotes Blog also takes a moment to provide a quick overview of what is happening with Atlantic salmon in Europe, and surprisingly great returns on some rivers in Quebec. Lots of great reading.

ASF's Research Blog is updated with a window on stream surveys

Major Dam Breached on Maine's Penobscot

The Veazie Dam is big, high, and now it is on the way to being demolished. A ceremony surrounding the breaching of the dam was held on Monday, and this program has generated such excitement it has received coverage continent-wide.

Some examples you might like to check out:
Historic Penobscot Dam Removal Begins

Down Comes Another Dam

Maine's Veazie Dam Brings Hope to Anglers

Maine's Veazie Dam Coming Down (two great photos)

Video of the Dam Breaching Event (1 min. 20 sec)

MORE dreaded ISA in NL Salmon Farms
This week we have word that yet another cage site of Gray Aquaculture has salmon with this highly contagious disease that risks the health of Atlantic salmon nearby, and especially those travelling to and from the Conne River. Destruction of the salmon has been ordered. Read more: