Here are the two most precious flies in my collection. Sure they look like discarded gum stuck on a hook, but to me they look like something that came off Hans Weilenmann vice. The left one was the first fly tied by my 10 year old and the one on the right was tied by my 8 year old. They were 7&5 and had just spent a few hours at the sow bug roundup being spoiled by some fantastic fly tyers. When we got back to the place we had rented, the boys wanted to try their hand at tying flies and the y2k was the perfect pattern for them. We have now been to three sow bug round ups, and will be there this year as well. Each year, the kids come away with tons of flies that daddy can't use, and it never fails, they will want to take a turn at my vise followed by a trip to dry run creek.

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