Hi Guys, hope your boxing day was as good as mine!Met Wolfie at the end of Garnet road, we crossed the creek and made our way out to Meola reef, when we got to the first large hole the water was still dropping forming a nice current line. We both fished this current and there were lots of snapper, small but very aggressive and keen to hit the fly.
Here is a typical one.

And here is wolfie hooked up, you can see it is a lovely Auckland summer day!

As the tide slowed so did the fishing and so we moved out a bit, the wind in the new spot was terrible and no fish were caught, so we decided to move back to the first spot.
Here is wolfie with the wind at his back!

Back at the first spot it was all on again for about 15 minutes then everything went quite, despite a couple of moves and lots of casting. So we called it a day. I did not count but we caught plenty of good scrappy small snapper, wolfie got a few small kahawai and we did manage one keeper, so despite the weather a great day.
All the best.