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Thread: how do you pack your gear?

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    Question how do you pack your gear?

    When going on a fishing trip, how do you pack your gear? On an extended trip? or a day trip? I'll go first.

    On an extended trip I take a huge duffel bag my wife gave me and fill it full of waders, wading boots, vest, wading staff, reel cases and rod tubes. When I get where I'm going, I just grab the duffel and head to the nearest stream. Of course what ever it is that I'm wanting first is always on bottom and its not a real good way to travel and I wish I had something better but it gets me where I'm going with all of my stuff.

    On a day trip I use an old canvas creel. It holds my fly box and one of the pockets on it is perfect for my camera. I just sling it around my neck and I'm off. The rod and reel don't have a bag to be put in, so I wind up with them lying in the front seat of my truck. Again, its not a good way and I wish I had something better, but it works for me.

    So, what do you do?


    PS I think I'd like to use a backpack. One that holds the rod tube. I don't really hike to any of the streams I fish, except from the truck to the water, but I think that would keep all mu stuff better organized.
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