Hi All,

I am hoping to get to go fishing this Saturday, which will be the first time since late June or early July. A friend said that it may be too late in the year to do any good, but I would still like to go.

Do you know any good choices for flies for this late in the season?

He also thought that they might be deep. I fish from the bank, so don't know how that will go.

I have some of Rick's midges that I want to try toward evening, or during the day if there is a midge hatch underway. It will be the first chance I have had to try them.

I also am planning to tie some weighted small streamers such as Clousers, buggers, or maybe even weighted boa leaches also.

Any advise will be much appreciated.

I have had two remodeling projects this summer, and have had several other obligations such that I almost did not get a chance to fish this summer, but am hoping for better next summer. My part of the remodeling should hopefully be finished this Friday!!!!!

Thanks and regards,