I have for sale is a custom TFO finesse 8'9" 4wt rod.

The guides are pac bay single foot guides with a hopkins and holloway tip top. In an effort to save weight on the rod, I used an REC recoil stripping guide. Goes perfectly with the other guides, seeing as the are all silver. The guide wraps are green, and blend with the blank. For the grip I used a cigar grip and for the reel seat, I used a Struble downlocking Nickle Silver slide band reel seat. The only markings I made on the rod are the finish date, and who the rod was made by (myself).

I built this as a niche rod, but really have no use for it now that I look at it. for my small creeks, I MUCH prefer my 2wt and for the bigger but much more over-grown creeks, I prefer an 8ft 5wt. This rod feels like a workhorse rod, it does everything really well in my opinion. I dont have trout around me, so I fish for bass and carp, and I will say this rod, while it is advertised to do dry flies really well, I think it does streamers and heavily weighted nymphs better.

I can have pictures of the rod later today, but this I can tell you about it, it is a clean rod. No soiling on the cork and little use on the rod (maybe an hour). I would like $100 for the rod, shipped. No rod tube, but I will include the rod sock I have for it. I also ship Priority with tracking info for nothing extra. feel free to PM me here, or email me pkrotine@gmail.com