First I'll start by saying I'm extremely lucky to have the parents I do. I'm a normal college kid on a budget, planned on going home for spring break in two weeks and maybe a short road trip somewhere new to get some fishing in. Well, my Mom decided instead, she'd book a trip to Key West for my Dad and I to fish for his birthday since the him and the rest of the fam will be spending my brother's break in Florida and I'll miss out. I haven't started looking at the fishing options there, and I'm sure all the chartered/guided stuff will be mostly conventional fishing as my Dad doesn't flyfish, but any advice about what's going on down there fish wise, flies to bring for surf fishing between guided trips, places to hit, things to see/do when we aren't fishing would be great. I'll be researching more after finals next week but wanted to ask the question early to see what everyone here had to say.

Thanks in advance,