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    My 10 year old grandson Gabriel enjoyed the sporting trip of a lifetime the week before Thanksgiving.

    He and his Dad and Mom spent a week in the Florida Keys enjoying life to the fullest.

    Gabriel and his Dad left out of Islamorada on the Relentless in search of sailfish. It was a five fish day with Gabriel landing two!! Of course he had a little help from his Dad, but he did all of the retrieve! He got a second opportunity as one of their compadres gave up his turn to Gabriel. I am so proud of the little guy! It couldn't have happened to a more sweet little fella!!

    Her are a couple of pics.......

    Wow, I'm envious!!

    Anyway, on the following Sunday they travelled to Homestead to watch Jimmie Johnson capture Nascar history by winning his fourth consecutive Sprint Cup Championship. Garage passes, skybox, the works!!

    I am so happy for him I can't find the words.

    His hug and big smile was enough though when they returned home!!

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