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    Attention new tiers and those wanting to learn easy but effective patterns!

    I really enjoyed the last couple of Too Simple Swaps, so I'm going to host another. This is my favorite theme I've done so far. We'll need 10 tyers to each sign up for one of the Too Simple patterns. These are some of Al's simple but effective patterns, and can be tied in pretty short order. Pick your pattern when you sign up. 1 person for each pattern. See the signup list below to see what is left. Here is where you can find the pattern for each entry:

    Sign up deadline will be April 10 or whenever the swap fills; flies should be to me by no later than May 7. Tie them early if you need to, but don't be late. If they aren't on time, it isn't fair to the other swappers, and I will return them to you unless you coordinate in advance (I can make exceptions for reasonable delays due to unforeseen circumstances). As always, send your flies in a crushproof container (with your name and addy on it), with return packaging and postage (no metered mail). Make sure all of your flies are toetagged with at least your username and pattern name on them. And also, as always, I do not expect extra goodies or flies--I do this because I like it.

    I will take the last pattern left. If you have done one of these before, please consider doing a different pattern this time.

    1. TS PMD NYMPH - texfly - RECEIVED
    2. TS BLOOD WORM - red diamond - RECEIVED
    3. TS SAN JUAN WORM - jdubach - RECEIVED
    4. TS RAY CHARLES - bspitt - RECEIVED
    6. TS BUNNY EMERGER - deserttrout - RECEIVED
    7. TS BAETIS NYMPH - roygpa - RECEIVED
    8. TS MAYFLY DRY - jburge - RECEIVED
    9. TS ELK HAIR CADDIS - scubatim - RECEIVED
    10. TS BLACK BEETLE - black co - RECEIVED
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