Went out this evening to fish the Grand, which shut me out on Sunday. A few more days of clearing and a threat of rain made up my mind that I had to fish it today. glad I did. Ever since the Midwest Flyfishing Show and talking with Jim Teeny, I've really concentrated on using homemade sink tips of Cortland Leadcore trolling line in different lengths. Finally starting to figure it out.

Small buck on a silver minnow clouser.

My buddy's hen on a large Pink over white clouser. This was a very heavy fish for its length.

We were swinging large clousers in chartreuse over white, light blue over white, pink over white, silver minnow, marabou speys, and ended up landing two apiece and lost a few others.

Fished them on sinktips over riffles about a foot to two feet deep. Swinging them down the fish would chase them five to fifteen feet to take.

Great afternoon of fishing in Ohio.