A decade ago a local Cheese Company was allowed to dump it's effluent into a small ditch that leads to a branch of Krok Cr/West Twin river in NE Wisconsin...this permit allowed water to be discharged at a temp of 200 degrees F..the ditch enters the Creek on the other side of HWY 29 from where the headwaters are considered a Class I trout stream....several fish kills have occurred since then and it's permit was changed(DNR won't tell me how), after it was found Company also exceeded BOD 500 different TIMES!!! My land is several miles downstream from where the ditch enters the creek and objects in it have become covered with a brown algae and under that algae , rocks are covered with a "crusty" substance.....HEX hatches have stopped, I saw 1 dun several years ago and haven't seen the small swarms of "rusties" that I used to...also the added volume has caused increased flooding in spring and more bank erosion. Would any experts out there know of something that would be found in Cheese Co. effluent that would cause the crusty material on rocks and the brown algae to proliferate???