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    Default Swap of the Month-February

    Since February is a short month I will get the ball rolling now. The theme for this month will be "The Caddis Fly". Any caddis pattern of your choice (dry, wet, nymph). All standard swap rules apply. 12 flies with toe tags (user name and pattern info). When you post your pattern I will pm you my address.

    "When mailing your flies, please send them in a strong enough and big enough box to protect them and to hold all of the flies you will be receiving back. Mark the box with your name and address and your on line nickname. Mail them at least 10 days before the end of the swap so they will get to the Swapmiester by the deadline date or earlier.include in with your flies a self addressed envelope that is strong enough for the fly box you send and will receive back. Include postage (please do not use metered mail strips on return envelopes) or money (I do not recommend sending cash) in the proper amount to send the flies back to you."

    1. ol' blue -CDC & elk caddis.*Received*
    2. Danny Gober - simple caddis *Received*
    3. bassman - cassed caddis *Received*
    4. feltsole - non official but effective caddis *Received*
    5. bobbymojo- Elk hair caddis *Received*
    6. sirrom - Triple Threat Caddis *Received*
    7. nyfisherman -black caddis pupae *Received*
    8. ben-
    9. jdubach - Dark Caddis #12 *Received*
    10. ibrb -Copper Bead Micro Z- Wing Caddis size 16 *Received*
    11. FISHNFOOL9 *Received*
    12. Gigmaster-Ultra Wire Caddis Pupae.*Received*

    This is only my second swap i have hosted so please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Also i would like to thank Ol'blue for putting together such a great swap.Cheers!!
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