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    Default Swap of the month - January

    I'm posting this early because bassman responded and we have everything ready for the January swap.
    This month's theme is terrestrials. Bassman has decided to host for the month, so tie your flies and get them in to John sometime in January. Get with bassman for shipping info.
    You have extra time this month for tying your flies, so lets see some beauties, eh? And remember, don't be late. January is too soon to lose your spot in the swap.

    If you want to sign up for this swap, realize this is a monthly swap, and signing up sets you up for a series of 12 swaps throughout the year. See the prior post on the swap of the month for 2009 for more details.

    1. ol' blue - hi-vis beetle - RECEIVED
    2. Danny Gober
    3. bassman - nonslip black ant - COMPLETE
    4. feltsole - fur ant
    5. bobbymojo
    6. sirrom - Poor Man's Jassid - RECEIVED
    7. nyfisherman - letort hopper - RECEIVED
    8. ben
    9. jdubach - green leaf hopper - RECEIVED
    10. ibrb - black widow - RECEIVED
    11. FISHNFOOL9
    12. gigmaster - Red Pom-Pom Spider
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