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Here is an amazing photo taken by Ralph Cutter and posted on a west coast board. These are Golden Trout:

Here is his set-up:

Quoting Ralph:
"I shoot a lot of 50/50 images and use a modified Nikon F4 in a Nexus housing with a homebuilt filter assembly. The air/water interface really messes with optics. Water knocks down 1-3 stops (even more at dusk) so I use the appropriate neutral density filter (cut in half with a glass cutter) to bring the terrestrial portion of the photo in balance with the marine. (You can try using a subsurface strobe but invariably you get a reflection of the flash off the underside of the water's surface.)
Then, I cut a magnifying filter (1-3x) in half and put that in the filter ring underneath the neutral desnity filter. This allows you to focus to infinity (above water) while capturing a focused image underwater.You need all the depth of field possible and a fast wide angle lens (I use 1.2 or 1.4 Nikkors) is invaluable."

Ralph really gets "into" his envirinment.


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