tom's trophy releases

photos of fish caught and released
  1. Greg Qualls, South Holston River, TN, Nov, 2007
  2. Grandson Luke on East Pong Roaring River, NC, July 2008
  3. Bill Parlasca with well deserved smile
  4. Cy Post with Driftless a Rainbow
  5. Bill with a nice Helton 'Creek, NC Rainbow
  6. Dr. Robert Fulton and Brock Brockmeyer exhibiting fly tying skills at the Charlotte,NC fly fishing exhibition Jan. 2009
  7. Bill Parlasca with a Driftless Spring Creek Rainow in Coontown, WI City Park, Sept. 2008
  8. Bill with grand daughter Kaitlyn and her first fly fishing trout.
  9. Gary Jones using the last bit of daylight fishing onthe Little River, NC, GSMNP
  10. Bill Parlasca with a Brush Creek, VA Small Mouth
  11. Tom with a fat East Prong Rainbow
  12. Bull Head Creek, NC Rainbow
  13. Roaring River Rainbow
  14. Male Brookie on Roaring River, NC
  15. Helton Creek, NC in February
  16. NOV 25,07 26 in. Brown, caught on South Holston River, TN
  17. Tom and Brookie; Little River, TN, GSNP
  18. PA200383 Rainbow caught on Wilson Creek, NC
  19. bg013  Mitchell River, NC Brookie
  20. 006  Fishing Buddie Dave Burkhart with a Helton Creek, NC Rainbow.
  21. P5040300 Tom with Rainbow on the East Prong of Roaring River, NC
  22. P7250346 Grandson Luke with his first fly rod fish
  23. P910035 Fishing Buddy Gary Price with a Small Mouth on the North Toe River, NC
  24. P1130025Helton Creek, NC
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