Highly Regarded Fly Tying Manuals

By: The Tying Chat Participants of Sunday August 15, 1999

Note: These are in no special order. But the ones that were most frequently mentioned have an asterisk at the end of the manual name. I have tried to supply the author/s and the publishing company for your information. If you have one of these books where we don't have the author or publisher named please e-mail us so we can fill in the information. This is not a definitive list of manuals but these are 'suggested' manuals by the Fly Tiers. ~ Tom Six, (Tying Chat Host BC)

The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference To Techniques and Dressing Styles*
By Ted Lesson and Jim Schollmeyer
Pub. Frank Amato Publications

llustrated Dictionary of Trout Flies
By John Roberts
Pub. Castle Books

Fly Tying Methods
By Darrel Martin
Pub. Lyons & Burford

Handbook of Fly Tying
By Peter Gathercole
Pub. Stoeger Pub. Co. (Crowood Press in Europe)

Production Fly Tying*
By A.K. Best
Pub. Pruett Publishing Co.

Anglers Fly Identifier
By Simpson and McGavin
Pub.Running Press

Flies for Trout
By Dick Stewart & Farrow Allen
Pub. Mountain Pond Publishing

Orvis Pattern Index
By John Harder
Pub. Orvis Co.

Art Flick's Master Fly Tying Guide
By Art Flick
Pub. Crown Publishing

The Complete Book of Fly Tying
By Eric Leiser
Pub. Knopf Publishing

Mullers Book of Flies*
By ?
Pub. ?

Saltwater Flies: Over 700 Of The Best
By Deke Meyers
Pub. Frank Amato Publications

Lefty Kreh's Saltwater Fly Book*
By Lefty Kreh
Pub.Lyons & Burford, New York, 1995

Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple
By Skip Morris
Pub. Frank Amato Publications

American Nymph Fly Tying Manual*
By Randall Kaufman
Pub. Western Fisherman's Press

Hatches II
By Caucci/Nastasi
Pub. Winchester Press

By Gary LaFontaine
Pub. The Lyons Press

Oliver Edwards' Flytyers Masterclass*
By Oliver Edwards
Pub. Stoeger Publishing Co.

Fishing Atlantic Salmon Flies and Patterns
By Bates, Richards, and Warren
Pub. Stackpole Books

Flies for Fish & Fisherman*
By Helen Shaw
Pub. Stackpole Books

Flies for Saltwater
By Stewart & Allen
Pub. The Lyons Press

International Guide to Fly-Tying Materials
(and where to buy them)"
By Barry Ord Clarke and Robert Spaight
Pub. McGraw Hill (Merlin Unwin Books in Europe)

Fly Tying
By Helen Shaw
Pub. The Lyons Press

Universal Fly Tying Manual
By Dick Stewart
Pub.Countryman Press

Poul Jorgensen's Book of Fly Tying
By Poul Jorgensen
Pub. (out of print)

A Guide To Flies For All Game Fish
By Poul Jorgensen
Pub. Spring Creek Press, Johnson Books

Hooks For the Fly
By Bill E. Schmidt
Pub. Piscator Pub.

The Art of Fly Tying
by John van Vliet
Publisher: Cowles Creative Publishing
5900 Green Oak Drive
Minnetonka MN 55343

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