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November 24th, 1997

"Caddis Supper Hatches"
by Carl Richards and Bob Braendle
Published by Frank Amato Publications, © 1997

To say that no serious fly fisherman should not be without this book is probably inaccurate. Most of us tend to zero in on a certain phase of our sport. We seem to prefer dries, or nymphs, or wets, or streamers, or some combination of these. We have survived without these eighty-seven pages so far. We may also have been missing something.

Where do the caddis fall in this mix? Along side of ... in addition to ... caddis are another facet of the elusive jewel of fly fishing. Nowhere do the authors suggest you abandon any of your normal methods and pursuits. Rather, they have opened a new and exciting spect of enjoyment. For the discovering, learning, imitating, and fishing of caddis is much like having a chance to start all over again.

At times some of us may feel we have gained about as much knowledge as we need to be accomplished at what we do. This is a whole new challenge - an addition to the enjoyment of our recreation. If you wish to enrich your time on the stream and at the tying vice, this is a book for you. I am most pleased to highly recommend it to any fly fisher, whether new to the sport or an old hand.

The authors open with a narrative 'hooking' the reader on 'how you can go wrong when fishing caddis.' They then take you gently by the hand through the mysteries of the insect. By the time you have finished the book you realize it is not just for reading, but a reference manual for the years to come.

The subject is covered simply and well with all necessary care given to text as well as the photography - which is outstanding. There are hatch-type charts for the entire United States covering any caddis of value at all times of the year. Also most well done are the detailed instructions for the imitation and presentation of the tied flies.

All in all, if you have only one book on caddis, this should be the one. If you have none; get it.~JC

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