Welcome to our Photography Series

Fly Fishing takes us to wonderful locations to pursue our dreams and maintain our sanity. The places are as varied as the species of fish we chase. Many of us take a camera to reinforce the memory of those times. We also want to photograph the flies we tie to share with our friends - or grab a shot of an insect to imitate at the bench later.

We offer here some help. Close up photography, lighting, equipment, manipulation of images, with both 'standard' and digital cameras. Stay tuned, we hope to add to this series as the opportunity allows.

Photography for Fly Fishing

Photography Up Close

SLR Cameras
Digital Cameras
Natural Lighting
Artificial Lighting
Focus and Framing
Devious Trickery
Play the Odds Game

Digital Imaging

Getting Set Up
Recommended Software
Combining Images
Layering Images
Different Program, Different Moves
Another Program With a Different Style
Photo Impact 8 Bubbles and Such
Photo Impact 8 Cool Effects
Cover Works
And the Winners Are...

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