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You Might Be A Fly Fisherman If...
River Home, Part 1
River Home, Part 2
Creative Counting
Best By Test
E Pluribus Unum
All About Entomology
Fly Tying Types
Brook Trout
Going crazy; the World's Smartest Fishing Dog (#1)
Crazy Man
My Jacket
Fresh Look at Catch & Release
A Fly Fisher's Ten Commandments
Local Fishing
"How To Swipe A Trout"
Chicken Fish'n
Bryce Crowing on Chicken Fishing
Darnit, Santa and Rudolph
When Bad Rods Happen to Good People
Flyfishing for Squirrels
Sparing the Rod, Part 1
Sparing the Rod, Part 2
Sparing the Rod, conclusion
Crime Doesn't Pay Whom?
Answering Technical Questions
Here Rover
Getting the Boot
Shuttle Cars
Birds Along The River
All Hail the Union Suit
How Dry I Was
A Fine Art, Part 1
A Fine Art, Part 2
A Fine Art, conclusion
You Know You're From Montana
Why Dumb People Catch More Trout Than Smart People
Ain't Nature Natural?
How To Dispose of Dead Fish
How To Tell Fish From Fishermen
How To Catch Fish With Flies
Carpenter's Goat
Ain't It The Truth? No
River Women, Part 1  River Women, Part 2 (concluded)
All About Guides
Cane Rods
Chapter One
Weight Watchers
Selecting the Proper Fly
Dealing with the Fish and Game Officer
Knots, Intentional and Unintentional
Yuffies, Hippies, Geezers and Worm Drowners, I
Yuffies, Hippies, Geezers and Worm Drowners, II
Yuffies, Hippies, Geezers and Worm Drowners, III
Yuffies, Hippies, Geezers and Worm Drowners, IV
Yuffies, Hippies, Geezers and Worm Drowners, V
Fishionary, Part I
Fishionary, Part II
Fishionary, Part III
Fly in the Oinkment
Reel Life
A good hunting dog is:
Calendar Dog
Ask Buford
Buford - The Winter Wonder Dog
Buford - A Loving Pup With Bad Manners
FisherMAN'S Best Friend
Tying One On
The Moment
Vested Interests
The Trout Fishing Technocracy
Herbert Learns a Lesson
My Scientific Study Shows That Fish Eat Bugs
Chipmunks and Bear Clothes
Fly Fishing the Great Indoors
The Slough Pig and a Monster Brown
Fly Fishing Friends®
Fishing the Global Village
Fly Fishing In The Rough
The Betty Ford Center For Fly Fishing Dependency
Trout Snax®
Hooked On Trout Phonics®
Giants, Part 2
Giants, Part 3
Giants, Part 4
Giants, Conclusion
The Opener
The Opener, Part 2
The Opener, Concluded
The Low-Down On Western Fishing
An Anglerís Quest for the Grail
Bear Encounter
2000 Fires, (a plot. . .)
It's All About Technique
Dry Fly Fanaticism
Both Barrels
Tying Your Own Flies
Frying Pan Tales
Excerpt from The Snowfly
You Might Be A Handyman If . . .
Man of Distinction
Fishing Companions
Counterpoint To "Fishing Companions"
Having Manners Is Not Elitism . . .
More Fungus Head Things
How To Drive In Indonesia
The Mardi Gras Bug
Wimmen. Who Needs 'Em?
The Great Toboggan Jump
Do I Look Like Barbie?
Some Do's and Don'ts
The Lady's Fishing Ettiquette Guide
You Give Me Fever
Rules We Fish By
Some Advice for Fishing the Bahamas
Priest's Lament
Skis and Snowmobiles, an Adventure in Snow
Waiting for a Thaw
Darnit and the Old Goat
Lost in the Dark
The Trout Gods Are Smiling
Hereís one to avoid - the dreaded CF virus.
Ice Fishing - Don't Do It!
A Fashion Statement Run Through It!
A Fishing Trip
Twilight Symphony
Those Things That Define
Suicide Hill
Dogs Are Better Because...
Pet Fish
Bone Lake
. . . Are we having fun yet?
So You Say You Want To Be Chironomid Fisherman?
The Intruder
The Day Grandma Caught Herself
You Might Be A Saltrodder If . . .
Russian Olives and Big Towels
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Suggestions in Fly Casting
A Little Boost
Chink in the Armor
Oh, To be At Home, Now That April's Here
Fishing With Mr. Murphy
How to Fondle Fishing Tackle
Re-run, You Might Be A Fly Fisherman If...
Report to the Church Of The Significant Rise Form (COTSRF) Congregation
Trout Music
My Brush with Death
Green Snakes?
Uncle Elwood and the Stranger
Neewollah Camp
Trout Fisherman's Narrow Excape
Big Rocks
Pet Fish
The Best Wingshot in the United States
The Ethics, Perhaps, of Fly Fishing
Love? Fishing? Love?
Test Yourself
How To Avoid Splits
How To Save Fish Hooks
Test Yourself - Again
Flycasting 101 - Not
TEXAS Version Windows 2000
The Duck Whistle
Camp Runa-Mucka-Mungus
The Devil and Mental Disease
Hunting Hunters in the Yoop, Part 1
Hunting Hunters in the Yoop, Part 2
When Pigs Fly
Testament of a Fisherman
Did You Ever Wonder
Everyone Caught Fish - what an incredible day!
A Little Respect
Hoe Hum
Life on Canyon Creek
Cranky Client
My Wife is Gone But I Still Have My Fly Rod
Fishing Dog
Eagles and Chinooks
Eagles, part 2
Observations from Down Under
Why Dogs Are Better Than Women
The Twelve Steps of Fly Fishers Anonymous
The Doctor's Wife Who Refused to Fish
A Day with Allen
Other Worlds
Dirt Roads
You Might Be A Fly Fisherman, If...
Pet Fish?
New Element Discovered: ADMINISTRATIUM.
Fly Fishing Definitions for the Beginner
Finally, An Explaination!
How To Provoke a Wolf
Why Fishing Is Better Than Sex
Beaver Shuffle
You Know You're A Redneck When... 2002 Edition
Loving Husband...
Corporate Lesson 4
Note From Santa
What's in My Vest?
How To Drown Your Buddy
How To Build A Steelhead Fort, Part 1
How To Build A Steelhead Fort - Part 2
Free Rod
What To Do When The Big Bear Comes
Sorry About Stealing Your Flies
Watch Out for the Guys in the Grass
Upside Down Reverse Cast
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Opening Day, Bob Lawless
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The Compleat Angler (revised)
Black and White
A Carrot, Egg and Coffee Beans
Eight Idiots...count them!
"We Have Always Done It This Way!"
About the"Zweber Knot"
How to get Men/Women to Fly Fish
Growing Old Gracefully
Why English is Difficult
Are Fishermen Really Liars?
A Fly Fisherman's Psalm
Old Age and Treachery
Dog Story
Ecumenical Eschatology
You Think A Gallon Of Gas Is Expensive?
The Chef of Beauly Castle
Good Answer
Life is Tough
Fly Rod "Expertise" by the Numbers
You Know You're A Redneck When...
What My Father Told Me
The Seven Wonders
Fishing vs Sex
Politically Correct Christmas Party
Never Forget
Dog Pet Peeves
Joke for the New Year
Wisdom from Will Rogers
Bless the Differences
Dang, It's Good to Be a Man
The Greatest Fool Theory
Hmmmm...makes you wonder!
One Nation
Actual Airline Announcements
Funny Proverbs
History Lessons
Do You Know What They Know?
Dummy Awards
History's Worst Typo
Fifty Years Ago
Things You Would Like To Say At Work, But Can't
Sixteen Things That It Took Me Over 50 Years To Learn
Fender Skirts
You Mean WHAT?
Mars & Venus on Earth
Comprehending Engineers
Secret to Long Life
How To Get Out of A Ticket
A Letter Home From Camp
Buying Paint from an Airline
Old Farmer & His Mule
Advertising Lingo
Just Politics
Young King Arthur
Top Dumb Incidents
These are Actual Analogies and Metaphors
The Truth About Diets
Game Warden
Are You Living in 2004?
Why Women Live Longer Than Men
Older than Dirt!
Modern life - How to stay young
The Old Lady Speaks!
Hilarious Classified Ads
Zen Thoughts
Sweet Personality Test
True or False?
History Test Answers
Newspaper Ad
The Float Tube
Seven Steps To Successful Fly Tying
Martha's Redneck Tips
The Study Break
My First Striper or High Speed Trolling
Memo to Family Dog and Cat
Nittany Lions, Bullfighters and Bears, Oh My!
How To Tell the Sex of a Fly
Amazing Product Labeling
Voll gainer or how I beat the East German Olympic Diving and Gymnastic Teams
Travel Funnies
Is This Where We Are Headed?
Lyin' In Winter
Frog Story
Mensa Test
Good News - Bad News
Bubba Applies for a Job
Blond and the Sheep
Trivia for us Mature Folks
Strange but True Facts
Never Choke in a Southern Restaurant
Rednecks Challenge
Noah's Ark in Today's Society...
Felonious Flymphs
Darwin Awards
Gentle thoughts for today...
The Big One?...ya right
Texas BBQ Grill
Clever Signs
Full Combat Fishing
Computer Messages
Scientific Study Reveals Hypnotizing Feather Effect
Full Combat Shopping, Part 1
Full Combat Shopping, Part 2
Almost Heaven...Colorado
Danbob's Rat Dog Bluish-Gray Hairy Bug
When You're In Deep Trouble..
In Spanish Computer Class...
Uh-oh, A New Virus
How To Clean the Toilet
Murphy's Lake
Unbelievable Quotes
Old Folks Sharing
The Red Hat
Red Neck Hunting Dogs
Mr. Theodore Castwell
Getting Old (For the Over 40 Bunch)
A Women's Little Instruction Book
The Last Mission of FDD-333
Think You Know Everything?
The year 1905, A Reminder
Thirty Lines to Make You Smile
Life Without Email
Winter Fishing in the Rockies
If You Know That...
Down and Out
Uses for WD-40
Be Sure to Cancel Your Credit Cards
The Mother and Three Sons
The Husband Store
The Old Man and The Frog
Deeper Observations of Life
Definitions By Gender...
Letter From a Farm Kid in Training!
Bounce This Along
Why I Am Tired!
Country Boy
Ralph's Rough Winter
Three Government Workers
School Excuse Notes
Bad Lunch
Danbob's Diamondback
A Job at The Circus
Basic Guide for Scientists
Things to Do While Your Co-workers Are on Vacation
Bad Marketing Translations
Our National Anthem
Murphy's Technology Laws
A Wife's Revenge
Age and Treachery
A Bad Day At Work
The Durango Kid
The Man and The Ostrich

The Train Signalman Application
Definitions By Gender
Butch the Rooster
Interesting Facts
Washing Clothes Recipe
Take All Of These And Call Me In The Morning...
Hear No Evil, See No Evil...
You Don't Have To Own A Cat To Appreciate This One!
The Airhead's Cookbook...
Here's the latest US office jargon
The First Fall Feast AUDIO
Elderly Couple
The MAN'S Rules
Solution for Marital Problems
Christmas with Grandma
True Stories
Southern Rules
Kicking Off the New Year
Give a Man A Fish
The Blizzards of 2006
Zero to 200
Jasper and The Uncooked Yeast Rolls
Diary of a Snow Shoveler...
On the Sixth Day...
Baked Beans
The Postal Service No One Hears About
Great Moment in Fly Tying History
Cat and Dog Diary
On the Sixth Day
One Haircut = One Dozen Flies
Senior Love
Letter to Dad
Please Bear With Me
Things To Wonder About
Einstein's Riddle
An Angling Legend of the Harlem Meer
Bizarre Facts
Who's Deaf?
Three Kick Rule
Why Men Are Never Depressed
In Trouble?
They Hate Your Spy-duh
The Broken Window
Chili Cook Off
The Gift
The 2007 Darwin Awards
The Official Liar's Fish Tape
The Nitty Gritty Dictionary...
Getting Old
Cowboy Chili
Give a Man a Fish...
Life Explained
Parking Tickets!
New Words, Old Words
How Many BB people to Change a Lightbulb?
Facts about the 1500s in England
British Hospitality...
A Godly Geek Out...
What A Legal System...
25 Things You Know If You Have A Son. . .
Cooking With Cannibals
Be Sure to Cancel Your Credit Cards (r)
Sheer Nightgown
Answer the Question
The Dilettante's Dictionary of Music
Trivia For Us Mature Folks
Rekindling The Romance
Stormy Night:
Fred's Note:
The Bus Stop
Performance Evaluations - Part One
Car Key Tip
Clever Signs
Corporate Slackers
A Dog's Purpose
How To Give Your Pet a Pill
Did You Know?
Some Rules of Life
I Quit Fishing
The Americans and The Japanese
Educational E-mails
Origins of the Internet...
Hilarious Classified Ads
Best Singles Ad Ever Written
What's my name?
I'm A Believer
True Time Management
Meat Tree...
Why Our Country Is In Trouble
Violinist in the Metro
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
Smart Engineers
Bird Legs!
Crazy Not Stupid
Oh Say, Can You See?
If I only had a..

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