You have asked for it, here it is. We don't want to become just another fly fishing website, loaded with advertising and selling a ton of stuff. This is an information website, not a retail store.

We do want you to become involved. Maybe you can't or don't want to be a "Sponsor" of this site, but you can help get the word out that we are YOUR fly fishing website.

Official FAOL Patch

This is the NEW Friends of FAOL Patch. It was suggested by several readers who thought it would help them find other FAOL folks at shows - or even on a fishing trip. The whole patch is finely embroidered, including the background. Actual size is larger than shown, 3 3/4" by 2 3/4".

You can have this Special Fly Anglers OnLine Patch, become a Member, and help FAOL get the word out at the same time. That makes you a Friend of FAOL!

Your $25 donation makes you a Friend of FAOL! We will send your free patch immediately (we pay the postage) and maybe a FAOL pin if I can find them. Your name will go on the Friends of FAOL list below. We appreciate your support of our efforts to provide quality information to the fly fishing community.*

We are in the process of setting up a paypal portal, please stay tuned.

For our International readers - yes, you can be a Friend of FAOL too! Send an International Money Order (available at most banks) in the amount of $25 US, to the address above. Make sure you include your correct mailing address please!

* If you already are a Friend of FAOL, send your donation of $10.00 and your FAOL Patch will be sent right out to you.

We wish to thank all those who have requested this and have shown the great support and desire for some solid involvement with FAOL.

~ The Ladyfisher ~

Special Friends

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