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What's Coming
Wash Your Hands!
Get More Flies from Your Materials
Flash Dispensers
Bodkin Cleaning
Bench Clutter
Storing Double-Edge Razor Blades
Bullet Proof Your Herl
Check Your Hooks
Tying in Tinsel
Separating Bucktail
Controlling Your Hooks
Thread Tricks
Neat Bucktail Heads
Fixing Un-Cured Epoxy
Smoothing Silicon
Coat Your Lead
Epoxy Pallet
Sizing Wing Slips
Better, Easier Dry Fly Tails
Taming Soft Hackle
Biot Trees
Preparing Wing Cases
Practice Makes Perfect
Blow 'em Up
Drop Your Head Cement Thinner
Cutting Lead, Wire and Heavy Mono
Add Confidence When You Tie
Easier Caddis and Muddler Heads
Make Them Wiggle
Make A Note
Wing Posting Simplified
Applying Head Cement in Tight Places
Squeaky and Jumpy Bobbins
Protect Your Pedestal Base
Spool Tamers
Get Control Over Static
Preparing Soft Hackle, An Easier Way
Cheap Fluorescent Parachute Posts
Steaming Chenille
Drying Wet Flies
Making Stick-On Eyes Stick
Dismounting Midges
Profile Your Flies
Talk to the Experts
Cutting Bead Chain
Save on Scud and Shrimp Backs
Dry Flies That Really Float
Use a Model
Put Your Thread On A Diet
Look in the Mirror
Which Fly is Weighted?
Stripping Quills
Stripping Quills 2, The Sequel
Taking the Frustration Out of Quills
Quills and Durability
Needle Your Flies
Hang 'Em High
Cover Your Hook Point
Keep You Head Cement From Drying Out
More On Magnets
Hang It
Faster Buggers
Don't Throw Away Your Rejects
Observing Others
Posting Dry Fly Wings
Substitute Fibbets
Tying Off Parachutes
Hang Up your Scissors
Make Your Own Lanyard
Splaying Hackles
Hackling Bass and Other Hair Flies
Aligning Your Hackles
Cauterize Your Eyes
Baitfish Have Eyes!
Painted Eyes! Part 1
Painted Eyes! Part 2
Scissors Can Pick Up Hooks
Overnight Wing Cases
Fly Turning Wheel
Keep Your Head Cement Bottle Lids From Sticking
Bronze Peacock Herl
Taming Mylar Eyes
Bring an Old Friend to the Bench
Shielded Hook Points
Repairing Jungle Cock Eyes
Bundle Your Tails
What Is It?
What Is It? - Answers
Protect Your Scissor Tips
Nasal Spray and Dubbing
Fly Swap Mailers
Safer Deer Hair Trimming
Halford Wing Baskets
Thank You
Losing It?
Dubbing Container
Chenille Container
Trimming Deer Hair
Biot Bodies
Velcro Bugs
Goose Quill Bodies
Rogues Gallery
If It Isn't Written
Wrong End Up
Thinking Outside A Square Box
Cutting Bead Chain
Care of Hackle/Keeping the Bugs Out
Twisted Thread
Really Dry Flies
Anatomy of a Hook
Vise Advice
Weighted Nymphs
How Do I?
Easy Eyes
Caddis Wings
The Importance of a Good Manicure
Beaded Mono Eyes
Cheap Scud Backs
Treating Tied Flies
Weighted Poppers
Centering Beaded Head
Fly Tying Equipment and Materials
Using Yarn to Secure Non-Lead Wire
Free Fly Tins
Velcro on a Stick
Nearsighted Angler, Part 1
Nearsighted Angler, Part 2
Lock Wrap
What's Dun?
Tube Flies
Treating Tied Flies
In My Room, In My Room
Wax for Fly Tying
Rabbit Strips
Quick Descent Dubbing
One for the Road
Dubbing Loop for Feathers
Dubbing Loop, Basics
Looping Hair Wings
Multiple Dubbing Loop
Wide Body Nymphs
Fly Tying is Expensive - NOT
Post Its
Laying a Weighted Keel
Getting a Grip
Thread Storage
Half-Hitch Rule
Hook Clip
Storing Hooks and Stuff
Peacock Eye
Zip Kicker
Securing Ribbing
Dry Flies
Burnt Wings for Caddisflies
Fly Hook Comparison Charts
When Bad Things Happen
Flip Flop Flies
Sizing Beadheads
Deer Hair Comb
Two Quickies
No-Twist Whip
Beautiful Flies
Peacock Herl
Burnt Wings - Stoneflies
Build A Better Bodkin
Whip Finisher Tool
Cheap Micro-fibbets
Mayfly Proportions
Use a Saddle
Wrapping Wire Technique
Dubbing Brush
Two Tips for the Price of One
Non-traditional Parachutes
Tapered Parachutes
Striping Quills
A Cheap Tip
A Hot Tip
Reverse Tying
Burnt Wings for Mayflies
Scud Back Material
Mono 'Gut' Eyes
Peacock Swords
Faux Bead Heads
Bent Bobbins
Ribbing (a better way, at least different)
Smoother Floss Bodies
How To Make a Wing Burner
Peacock Chenille
It's All In the Details
Fly Tying Swaps
What Does a Rotary Vise Really Do?
Soft-Hackle (Spider) Flies
DeFeo Style Throat Hackle
Coloring Epoxy
DeFeo Style Side-mounted Bundled-fiber Legs
Shipping Tubes for Flies
Bad Fly
Beaded Thorax Flies
About Thread Spools
Improving Grip of Hackle Pliers
Cheap Salmon Hooks
Not Fancy Bodkins
Sally Hanson Hard as Nails Revisited
More Organization
The Other Rayon
Getting a Handle on Bluegills
Making the Easy Door Knob Dubbing Loop Tool
It is All In the Details
Tying Thread for the "No See Em's
Overcoming Obstacles
Vise Station Side-Tray
Hackle Guard
My Evolved Workstation
Customizing a Rotary Vise, Balance
Customizing a Rotary Vise Handle
A Neat Material
Black Bead-Chain Eyes
A Storage Idea for Hooks
Noooo! My flybox is heading downstream...Without me
More to Save Your Fly Box!
Save Your Health?
Coloring Epoxy
Help Trimming Deer Hair
Customizing a Rotary Vise Handle
Spinner Wings
Poor Man's Bug Viewing Box
About Buying a Vise
Easy Bobbin Threading
Inexpensive Bobbin Threader
Portable Tying Bench
Two on Head Cement
When The Lights Go Out
Better Rubber Legs
Glueing Rubber and Foam
Check the Action
Stir-Blended Deer Hair
More Mono-Eyes
Cutting Dried Hides
Wire Tricks
Emerger Wings
The Third Hand
Flaring Hair Solved
Better than Mono Eyes!
George Harvey Hackling Technique
Portable Tying Box
Conehead Tip
Stick On Eyes
Nice Thread Rack
Strike Indicators
Tying a Tag
Mono Thread
Keeping Epoxy Even
Matuka Wings
Using Thinner Thread
A Tool for Bobbin Threading
Dubbing Wax Container
Hook Finder
Tailing Wet Flies
Get the Tails Right
Emerger Bodies
Elk Hair Caddis, Palmer-Hackled
Tip for Rotary Vises
Tip for Catch and Recatch Hooks
Preserving Silk Colour
Feather-Hair Equivalents
Treatment of Hair
Dyeing Rooster, Hen, Saddles and Backs
Degreasing Rooster Necks & Saddles
Combing Deer Hair
Yet Another Dubbing Technique
Eyes on Flies
Tips on Dying
Check Your Bobbins
Parachute Hackle
Choosing Feathers
Selecting Hooks for Streamers
Organizing Beads
Free Wire for Ribbing
Fly Dryers
Scrounge Time
More on Wire
Stacking Hair
Three from Tap's Tips
Your Local Dollar Store
Vacuum Packing
The Finger Tip
Bending Rubber Legs
Bobbin Tube is Fraying Thread
Wings Twist While Hackling
Biot Is Too Short For Body Length
Tiny Soft-Hackle Flies
Quill-Bodied Nymphs
Sparkle Wing Caddis
3 Time Savers
More Time Savers
Time Savers, continued
Time Savers, continued
More Time Savers
Yet More Time Savers
Time Savers, continued
More Saving Time Tips
Beautiful Glass Bead Eyes
Blending Dubbing
Better Material Handling
Steve's Vise - A vise you can build for $4.00
Slip Wings, Traditional English Method
Recycled Plastic Fly Bodies and Hopper Legs
Alternative Cement Method
Ribbing Tips
Have a Second Vise?
Fly Pattern Categories
Undressed Humpy
Latex Bodies
Tying With Chickabou and Soft Hackle
Hand Position
Yarn and Chenille Storage
Things to Look for When Selecting a Hackle
Magic Tools Primer
Hanging Files
Red Eyes
Yarn/Chenille Storage
Bobbin Hanger
Double Edge Razor Blades
Make Fine Feathered Friends
Punch Eyes
Two Simple Tips
A Trio of Tips
Going to the Grocery Store?
Neat Dubbing and more
Fly Drying Rack
Tips for Woolly Buggers
Why Flatten Thread?
Tips for Glass Bead Heads
Tips for Yarn Posts
Tips for Boa Yarn Leech
Mylar Wrapping Paper
Cutting Help
Easy Crease Fly Bodies
Write Your Own Book
Shooting Pool
Break Your Thread
Dubbing Tips
Burnt Eyes
Easier Rubber Legs
More on Easier Rubber Legs
Preparation, Wing Cases
Unsticking Rod Parts
Clark Spinning Block
The Clothespin Vise
Looks Aren't Everything
Dumbbell Eye Help
Tying Flashback Nymphs
Loose Beadheads?
Softer, Cleaner Hands
Standardization of Hooks
Dubbing Brushes
Bead Chain Again
Adding Flash
Tips for Tyers
Getting Started as a Tyer
A Dumbell Idea

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