December 21st, 1998
"In the Beginning..............."

by George Emanuel (aka Muddler)

Photos by the author

Does your bench look like this?

If you have been at fly fishing for any length of time, you have probably begun to tie your own flies by now, or have at least given the matter some casual thought. If you number yourself as one of the later, consider yourself lucky. You are about to be saved a tremendous amount of aggravation.

If you are among the legions of us who fit into the former group, take heart. We are, in the next several weeks, going to bring you relief from one of the main obstacles to success in tying. We are going to help you out of the abyss of confusion. We shall rescue you from the grip of chaos. We will spare you the specter of bewilderment and frustration attendant with material storage and identification.

We will explore a number of nifty ways of organizing the materials we all accumulate, and in which we take such delight! (at least until we try to lay our hands on that one item, we know we have, which is called for in our favorite pattern). When I first got started, just like you, I got what I needed for a pattern, tied up a bunch, caught fish and all was well with the world.

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