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2006 - 2007

Mat/slime Forming Organisms

Mayflies in Lakes?


1st Quarter. 2007
Stream Doctor Archive

Transplanting Insects?
More on Insect Transplanting
And even more.


1st Quarter. 2005
Stream Doctor Archive

Planting eggs in warmer waters?
Drifing insects?
Relationship between barometric pressure and fish biting?
Stockers deplete insects?
Affects of sedimentation and turbidity?
Trout identification?
How to tell the difference?
How long do brown trout live?
Feeding and stocked trout?
Questions about salmonid biology
Differences between spring browns and Atlantics?
About trout vision?
Where Did The Fish Go?

2nd Quarter. 2005
Stream Doctor Archive

Books for understanding fly-fishing entomology?
Best reference book for identifying..
Whirling disease effects on streams?
Differences in patterns on caddis cases?
Can trout re-grow the slime/mucous layer?
Where are mayflies found?
A little personal information?
What insects might these be?
Regional differences in same insect color?
About the spots on brown trout?
Catching freshly stocked trout with a fly?

3rd Quarter. 2005
Stream Doctor Archive

Where do the fish go in summer?
Questions about high elevation trout
Recomend 'field guide' on insects for streams?
Introducing alian species of insects?

4th Quarter. 2005
Stream Doctor Archive

Salmon prespawn mortality?
Nymphal fluids alert trout?


1st Quarter. 2004
Stream Doctor Archive

Does a flood cause a real decline in stream biomass?
Do trout in C&R stream eat properly?
Recommend books for stream ecology?
Lead and environment?
Nymphs and 'drift'
What do big fish eat?
What is Ephemerella "X"
Misconceptions about caddis pupa
Stream requirements for spawning trout?
At what temperature do trout feed?
Do trout prefer midge larva or adults?
How can aquatic insects survive floods?
The "almost hatch" phenomena.

2nd Quarter. 2004
Stream Doctor Archive

What to insects eat?
Solution to preserve insects?
Help locating schools?
Can salmon co-exist with trout?
Mayfly mating ritual?
Life cycle of scuds?
Why is trout meat different colors?
Regional differences in hatches?
Stocking parr vs eggs?
Insects gradiant dependant?
Variations in Hex hatches?
Why do fish vary so from one region to other?

3rd Quarter. 2004
Stream Doctor Archive

Effects of chemistry of stream productivity?
Do fish have taste buds?
What are the pollutional effects of hatchery effluent?
Strange markings on Provo River Trout?
How do you determine sex of trout?
What conditions produce abundant insects?
How long does it take for a mayfly to hatch?
Geological differences in when hatches occur?
Mystery trout food?
Big fish in tiny streams?
Blue crawfish?
Average lifespan of a trout?
Degree-day information?

4th Quarter. 2004
Stream Doctor Archive

Collecting and preserving system?
Conifers and stream pH?
What does pH stand for?
What makes the color on a fish
Wing folding order?
Isn't a little pollution good?
Life cycle of a mayfly?
How to tell a male from a female trout?
pH for trout?
What do carp eat?
How fast can salmon swim?


1st Quarter. 2003
Stream Doctor Archive

Where did the white mayfly come from?
Do black caddis bite?
Filtered water?
Food Pyramid
What happens when steelhead can't go home?
Why can't hatchs be transplanted?
How do Mayflies hatch.
Is there competition between rainbow and brook trout?
What is a wiggler?
Best way to display larvae and flies?
What is a ephemerella subvaria?

2nd Quarter. 2003
Stream Doctor Archive

Life span of a female dun?
What is the black, iridescent...?
How dangerous is this disease?
Drifting organisms?
Why do some aquatic insects...?
Controlling exotic species?
Regarding the pronunciations of

3th Quarter. 2003
Stream Doctor Archive

Trout feeding on caddis...?
C & R effects on population and breeding?
About targeting pre-spawning fish?
What an "emerger" is and how to fish them?
About fall turnover in lakes?
I'm contemplating an insect aquarium project?
Mayfly emergence sequence?
More on Mayfly emergance
Questions on Great Smokies books?
Another on Mayflies
What happens to fish when it floods?
Golden stonefly, Deschutes & Metolius Rivers?

4th Quarter. 2003
Stream Doctor Archive

Where are mayfly nymphs found?
Letter on the Mayfly emergance
About winter fishing?
Stonefly reference material?
What happens to fish in dought?
Found a strange caddis, what is it?
Questions about whirling disease
Degree days and mayfly hatches?
Effects of small scale gold suction dredging?
Restoring salmonid in the Pacific Northwest?
Do certain insects indicate trout present?
What are the tiny black worm-like creatures?

4th Quarter. 2002
Stream Doctor Archive

Slick coating found on rocks?
Larva or nymph?
Small globs found on stones?
Main food resources for aquatic organisms?
Water temperature for hatching and trout feeding?
Clean river bottoms of pollutants?
Impacts of sedimentation on food chain?
Resources for identifying freshwater macro invertebrates and protists?
Effects of western wildfires?

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