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Fly Fishing the Salt

The Equipment, Part One
The Equipment, Part Two
Fly Selection
Why Fish Strike Flies
Mastering the Cast
Four Flies, All You Need
Reading the Flats
What's For Dinner
The Retrieve
Good Time Guaranteed
New Saltwater Flies
Sea Water, Friend or Foe?
Fishing After Dusk
Megalops Atlanticus
Jack's, You're Hooked
Stormy Weather
Old Linesides - Snook
Big Blue
Early Lessons Learned
Sitting Ducks
Catch and Release
More Flies
Ya Don't Land 'em All
Hot Lips Fly
A Huge Snook
Red Bones
Down East (Maine)
In By Eight
Moos (Maine)
Bare Feet
Last Run
Bye, Bye Fly
Favorite Saltwater Flies
The Old Shakespeare
Rhythm of the Hunt
Wading the Lower Cape (Cape Cod)
Sounds From Below
Watch Those Lips
NNE, Gusts to 20
Lady Luck
Big Fun in Small Packages
Lewis and Clark
Hot Fishing in Cold Weather
Spinning Guides on a Flyrod
Watch That Line
Flashy Flies for New England
Stalking Wild Gar
Run Redfish, Run
Connecticut Coastal Spring
Oh Vidalia...
Four Rabbits And The Baseball Players
Pass the B-Sauce, Please
Our Tide - New England
Monomoy Island - Sight Fishing the Flats - CAPE COD
How to Catch Big Bass on the Flats' in July and August, Part 1
How to Catch Big Bass on the Flats' in July and August, Part 2
Flats 101 - Safety First While Wading
Don't Give Up the Hole
Summer Reds
It's Not Rocket Science
The Reel Deal
Tides and Habitat:
Tuna for Tarpon Swap
Black Drum
Martha's Vineyard
Tarpon Fest 2001
Dawnchases (Stripers N.J.)
Catman Creek, FL
Laguna Madre and Padre Island, TX
Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick
Lucky Hat
The Fish - Spotted Trout and Weakfish
Fabulous Florida False Albacore
The Fish - Red Drum
Santa Rosa and the Gulf Islands Florida
Out of Control Fly Fishing - Spinner Sharks
Are All Fishermen Really Liars?
Winter Reds or Stylin' with Maxi in Nahlins
A Tangled Story
The Outer Banks
It's Show Time: Part 1
It's Show Time: Part 2
It's Show time: Part 3
It's Show time: Part 4
The Soup We Float Upon
Welcome to Precision Casting
Stan Manley
Fly Fishing Expert Drowns
That's Why They Call It Mosquito Lagoon
The Hole Truth
Poor Man's Tarpon
No Bogga
Capt. Bill Fish
Morning Creek
Sugar Barge
Fly-Fishing Eastern Carolina
Beard's Creek
Cabin Fever
Flats Boat Poling 101
Fly Fishing Alone in a Skiff: Some Tips
Sight Fishing for Striped Bass
Inshore Flats, part 1
Inshore Flats, part 2
Inshore Flats, part 3
The Surf
Striped Bass Behavior
Striper Feeding Behavior
Striper Feeding Behavior
Neuse River Fever, Part 1
Neuse River Fever, Part 2
Redfish for Tarpon Swap
Fishing the Flats: A Guide's Primer
Neuse River Fever, Part 3
Staging to Marker 11, Part 4
Costa Rica Recon
A Cajun Fly Fisherman Discovers the Joy of Caribbean Bonefishing
Maxi and the Monster
Keeps on Ticking
Winter Wonder?
Costa Rica, Revisited
The Bronze Bruts of the Flats
Short fishing trip report New Orleans 25 May 2004
PARADISE FOUND: The Dry Tortugas Are Indeed An Anglers Nirvana
Carolina Moon
Stripping Baskets and the Surf
Winter Fishing Trip with a Body Count
Florida Bay
South Padre Island, (TX): A FlyFisher's Paradise
Mars Bay, S. Andros Island, The Second Time Around (Part 1)
Mars Bay, S. Andros Island, The Second Time Around (Part 2)
Core Creek, NC
The White Oak River (NC)
Banker Ponies of Beaufort (NC)
Katrina Did Not Kill All the Fish
Winter on the Bayou
Spring Fishing South of New Orleans
Confused Fish
Chaos On The Water
Biloxi Marsh
Popper Mania
Redfishing in South LA (not California!)
Ron Verses the Red Fish
Jed on Cape Cod
Mars Bay Bonefishing: Winter 2007
Summer of 2008 Fishing South of New Orleans
Weathermen Always Lie
"Fly only" Scud takes a hit

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