100 Plus Great Rod Building Tips

Goof Proof Guide Board
Smooth Pull Loop
Get A Grip On Your Reamer
Finishing Butt Wraps
Finishing Guides
Setting Guides
Holding Guides for Testing
Trimming Ends
Secure the Guides
Got a Form?
Save Handle Time
Humidity and Finish
Template for Rod Tips Sizes
Sanding to Alter Action
Ferrule Reinforcement
Wrapping Tension
Boring Wood Inserts
Lighter is Better
Line and Lure Weight Ratings
Guide Effect On Stiffening
Breakage Sequence
Excise Tax
Number of Guides
Finish Cracking
Describing Fly Rod Actions
The Magic Ritual of Fly Rod Waggling
Titanium Magic
Seat Mounting
Two-Part Epoxy Problems
Color Preserver or Real Finish
Stiffen or Soften?
Smooth Wrap Ends
Ferrule Concerns
Fly Rod Fore Grip
Bubble Problems
Easy Tip Wrapping
Quick Burr Detection
Different Numbers - Same Blank?
Rod Inscriptions Revisited
Color Preserver Penetration
Inscription Help
Action Misconception
Single Foot Guide Damage
Finish Bubbles
Quick Measuring
Rod Kits
Cork Turning Methods
Extra Stripping Guide
Taper and Breakage
Preventing Rod Twist
Aging Effect On Rod
Alignment Marks?
Checking Ring Guides
Protecting Reel Seats
Wood Rod Construction
Thread Tricks
Rod Balancing
Finishing Between The Feet
Restoring Old Graphite Rod
Guide Foot Finish Cracking
Reel Seat Failures
Custom Rod Taxes
Wrap Strength with CP
More On Spine
Epoxy Clean-Up
Getting Started
Cork Grip Glue Lines
Inexpensive Dust Control
Rod Inscriptions for a Song (Well Almost)
Guide Foot Prep Ideas
Customer Signatures
Restoring Ferrule Fit
Tip-Top Ring Protection
Easy Epoxy Clean Up
Blank Inspection
Keep Guides Handy
Replacing Loose or Damaged Reel Seats
New Guide Concept Quandary
Component Removal
Safe Rod Shipping
Gel Pen Reference
Get A Crisp Edge
Wood Finishing
Photo Records
Easy Speed Control
Keep A Component Stash
Thread Storage
Oil Finishes
Blotchy Wraps
Personalizing Fly Rods
Fly Rod Grips
Simulating The Effect of Guides on Rod Action
Guide Prep
Finishing Label Areas
Excise Tax Question
Cutting Abrasive
Mr. Clean
Thread Tension on Wraps
Bubbles in rod finish
Protecting Hook Keepers
Holding Guides in Place
Another Idea for Holding Guides in Place
Promoting Custom Rods and Custom Rod Building
Which Guides for Fly Rods?
Holding Guides In Place For Wrapping
Isn't there a better material for rods?
Narrowing Guide Feet
Static guide placement
Wax Your Ferrules
Personalizing Rods
CC Consistency
Do's and Don'ts
Counting Pennies
Manipulating Rod Action
Fresh vs. Saltwater Rods
Guide Style
Mouse Trap Rod Winder
Drying Motor (Build Your Own)
Spine - Who Is Correct?
Cork Grades
Solid Rods
Color Preserver and Blotches
Enhancing Burl

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