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Why I Love Fishing Stillwaters
Who Is Marv Taylor
Rules of Engagement for Stillwater, Part 1
Rules of Engagement for Stillwater, Part 2
Rules of Engagement for Stillwater, Part 3
Fishing Those New, Lighter High-Modulus Fly Rods
Best Time of Day To Fish
Putting Fish On The Reel - Horsethief Cased Caddis
Henry's Lake - Part 1 - Henry's Lake Renegade
Henry's Lake - Part 2 - Taylor's Shrimp
The Mental Aspect of Fly Fishing & Janssen Turkey Callibaetis
Stayner Ducktail
Fishing Etiquette
A New Buzzer
Single Species Flies
Marv's Fly
Pheasant-Rump Damsel
Perfect Strike Indicator For Stillwaters
Smell Tracks
The Three-Fly Cast
Sheep Creek Special
Using New (Different) Materials to Improve Old Patterns
The Ubiquitous Woolly Worm
Marv's Peacock Emerger
High Lakes and Float Tubes
Using Hook Hones
Variegated Chenilles for Wet Flies
Those Wonderful (?) TV Fishing Shows
Henry's Lake Leech
My Favorite Bluegill Fly
My Wife Doesn't Fish. . .
The Chubs In Henry's Lake
Some Days It Doesn't Pay To Get Out Of Bed
Little Jewel(fly)
The Fishin' Buddy
The Winter Cutthroat Of Pyramid Lake
Alpine Lake Fishermen Seek Solitude
Fore and Aft (fly)
Is Float Tubing Right For You?
Basic Equipment for Float Tubing
Rod and Reels
Leaders and more
Strategies, 2
Strategies, 3
Strategies, 4
Nymph Strategies
Weather Changes and Strategies
Playing, Landing and Releasing Fish
Annual Diet Composition in Lakes
Seasonal Diet Composition in Lakes
Chironomids, Part 1
Chironomids, Part 2
Thoughts on Pattern Design
Scuds, Part 1
Scuds, Part 2
Thoughts on Scud Design
Damselflies, Part 1
Damselflies, Part 2
Thoughts on Damselfly Design
Dragonflies Part 1
Dragonflies Part 2
Thoughts on Dragonfly Design
Thoughts on Leech Pattern Design
Limnology, Part 2
Stillwater Mapping
Tips for Float Tubing
Can You Read A Lake?
Casting From A Tube
Slough Sharks On The Fly
Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes, part 1
Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes, part 2
Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes, part 3
Priming on the Valley Lakes
Floss Blow Line
Hang and Bob
Multiple Rollcast
Which Method When?
From the Bottom of the Food Chain
From the Bottom of the Food Chain, part 2
Equipment for Stillwater Tactics, Part 1
Equipment for Stillwater Tactics, Part 2
Equipment for Stillwater Tactics, Part 3
Dry Fly Patterns for Stillwater Fly Fishing
Emergers for Stillwater
Wet Flies for Stillwater
Nymphs for Stillwater
Streamers for Stillwater
Productivity of High Mountain Lakes
Fertile High-Mountain Lakes
Matching Flies and Tactics to the Productivity of the Water
The Art of Dapping
Finding Fish, Overview
The Slough Pig

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