Let's Go Get 'Em

"Bonefish '99 - Andros Island"

by Dave Ulmer (aka slicfoot)

Just another ho-hum morning in Paradise.

Time to go wet a line and rip some lips.

The first day out I was "on deck" it seems all day - learning, Deanna, JC, and Simon took a lot of time to show me the "do's and don'ts," they are all super teachers.

First Bonefish

This is my first Bonz, it is small, but even the small ones can rip off 100 yards of backing in a few seconds. They are very strong and fast for their size, what a thrill!

Now to Bone Fish 1999
Now for the actual 1999 Bone Fish Trip.

JC and Lady Fisher Part 1, Dan Ulmer Part 2

Now to Bone Fish 1998
Preparations for the Bone Fish Trip.

Backings for the trip, Party or Class?, Neap Tides,
Food and Clothes, Finding Me,

Now for the actual 1998 trip.

Wow, What a Trip, Wow, What a Trip - Part 2

Bone Fish 2000 Getting Ready

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