I am in the process of replacing the ferrules on a Montague - Sunbeam cane rod. I have removed the ferrules which were pinned. My question is --- How do I know what size ferrules to order? the end of the cane is one diameter for about 1 inch then it steps up 2/64ths for about .45" before it gets to the "flats: which measure about 1/64 larger still.

Can anyone help me with some answers? I think that this will be a sweet little rod. I bought it at a storeall auction. It has not been fished as nearly as I can tell since there is a paper label on the handle which says " Sunbeam 7 1/2 foot 2 pc fly 1SU2F the original price was $12.95. Probably from sometime in the 50's. Why am I replacing the ferrules? They were cracked, butt and both tips - even the winding check is cracked. Is this common on th Sunbeam 7 1/2'.

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks Dick