I've still got a lot of stuff that I'd like to swap... hides, floss, pre-formed bodies, tinsel, and maybe some tools. Some dyed bucktails and deer hair and some undyed deer, elk, moose, etc. And whatever else is around. I was thinking of doing another material swap if there's interest. This swap would be limited to 6 people and the items would be any tying materials and/or tools. The minimum value of what you send to each swapper would be $10.

Timing would be quick sign up with about two weeks to get me your materials. I'll turn them around within a couple of days of receipt. Absolutely positively no late items accepted. You miss the deadline and you lose.

You would package up as many sets of materials as there are swappers minus yourself. Put your name on the bag, include a list of what's in there, label all materials you know the label of, send no bugs or hazardous materials. Put in a secure package with enough money for return postage. I'll find the packages for the return.

In case anyone says yes:

Sign up deadline: 3/20

Materials due to me by: April 5


1. Diane
2. gqualls
3. tyeflies
4. rainbowchaser

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