will be the adams. or your variations thereof.

ak recently claimed it's the world's greatest fly, right? I've been tying/fishing these a lot over the summer and they work well. surprise?

anyways standard procedures will be rigidly followed, which means, of course, you won't be late. and you will email me at mgjaej@yahoo.com after signing up so I can add yer email address to my book, as all swap communication from my end will be handled through email and save the board from some clutter.

those of you who swapped with me in the past know what to expect and I hope that you'll sign up and play along.

let's make it an even bakers dozen w/ 12 swappers plus myself. tyers submit 13 flies and will receive one of their own back for a complete set of swap flies. I'll make the deadline a generous 6 weeks w/ flies due to me by 15 november.

I look forward to your contributions.


participants and status:

host - parachute adams - adams - done
feenom - irresistable adams - recv'd
mike popick - p adams - recv'd
wet fly guy - downwing adams -recv'd
cctyer - para adams - recv'd
dry fly guy - flubber - recv'd
sirrom - hi viz p adams - recv'd
tyeflies - delaware adams - recv'd
g-man - adams caddis - rec'vd
drolfson - flighless adams - recv'd
fireman - reversed adams - recv'd
mr jml - femme fatale adams - recv'd
2beadpupa - semitraditional adams - recv'd

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