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Thread: So what do you do?

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    Default So what do you do?

    A followup from the Handle/signature thread, (Andr? posted the same thread on Dennis' this morning). [url=http://www.flyanglersonline.com/bb/Forum13/HTML/000809.html:477ce]http://www.flyanglersonline.com/bb/Forum13/HTML/000809.html[/url:477ce]

    So what do you do to pay for your fishing

    Most of you know I'm a forester (who only gets into the wood about 5-6 times per year now for the job). I worked on many forest management information systems and now I manage some public lands up here for a large building products company.

    I guide part time on weekends and holidays to pay for toys.

    Volunteering for some other groups takes up the rest of the time.

    How 'bout you??

    Christopher Chin, Jonquiere Quebec

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    Christopher Chin

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    This thread started near Christmas time in 2005, I only realised that fact because My post said I was 60 yrs old.

    At first I thought what is this an impostor has posted using my name. Then I read the date and got quite a laugh out of it.

    A lot of water has passed under the bridge since December 2005. Our Faol family has grown since then with some fantastic new additions. Sadly we have lost some great ones as well.
    What a great family it is.

    I Salute You Jim and Deanna for creating this wonderful Home filled with such wonderful people.
    Since Chris started this thread, some of the original answers have undoubtedly changed but the people are still the same. All 3 years older, except Betty of course who never ages at all. ( I read that in one of her posts ) it must be true because Betty would never lie. During the intervening three years She has been promoted to HRH no small feat in itself.

    I have re-read the whole post and am still amazed at what some of you folks do for a living.

    For instance who would have guessed that Paul the confused even had a job, Or that Ohio Tuber wasn't yet a made man at his place of work? The thought that I myself ever even had gainful employment in the first place is another mind boggling mystery in this crazy world of ours.

    Some of the recent posts are equally fascinating. Keep them coming guys and gals.
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    For God's sake, Don't Quote me! I'm Probably making this crap up!

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    I'm a design engineer for Cessna's biz jets. Ever hear of "flaming death spirals"? My job is to keep 'em from happening.
    All kidding aside, I've worked on most of the jets that Cessna produces, and am currently working on flight controls for one of the newer ones. It's a lot of fun, and seems to throw something new at you on a fairly regular basis.
    Better to be an active environmentalist than and environmental activist.

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    At age 51, in late 1993, I was reengineering my life at the same time my employer of 29 years, a national Casualty and Surety insurance company, was reengineering the company. We were reengineering in different directions. So, after a long career in insurance claim work, in a number of places doing different jobs, I decided to leave.

    Thought I would take off a little time and then find a new career. At some point it occurred to me that I had worked full time or gone to school full time or both since I was a kid. So I decided to take a year off and just do what I wanted to do day by day. At the end of the first year, I wondered if I could do that again for another year, if I worked at it. At the end of the second year, I thought I was getting pretty good at it and challenged myself to a third year. After three years of not working, I never looked back.

    For the first ten years, roughly, I spent a LOT of time hiking in MANY of the mountain ranges of the West. I wasn't a "peak bagger," but I did get on top of a bunch of big hills. And I did a lot of road biking. Nothing like the serious guys, but 25-40 miles per outing was the norm. Did a lot of reading, did some camping, and a few backpack trips in some really neat places ( like to Rainbow Bridge in southern Utah and Sawtooth Lake in Idaho and Coyote Gulch in the Escalante Canyons and in several other beautiful locations. )

    After moving to Idaho in late 2001, I eventually took up fly fishing, in early 2003. Have spent an average of about 140 days a year fly fishing on rivers and streams mostly in Idaho, with occasional outings to Wyoming, Utah, and Montana, over the past five years.

    Still do some hiking and camping, but on a reduced scale. Haven't done much biking the past five years, but with gas prices where they are now, I'm thinking I will get my road bike tuned up and spend more time at that and maybe not quite so much fly fishing.


    I took my pension early, greatly reduced, and it was enough to finance a very simple life spent mostly outdoors doing the things I really love, that just happen to cost practically nothing, at least not after the initial investment in good equipment.
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    Thumbs up

    I have in the past picked up a degree in criminology, worked in Nevada's Maximum Security Prison and as a parole officer on the coast. In a bid to get out of the field I moved to south east Idaho to work for Boy Scouts, I found out I am better at teaching boys than raising money. From there I found a job working security at a small college here in Lewiston Idaho, my wife took advantage of one of my benefits to take classes at a large discount. to obtain her degree in Elementary Ed with a minor in Special ed. We are now looking forward to moving west again to a climate where it rains enough to keep the dust off your car. And I will be looking for another job.


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    Since moving here 3 years ago, after living on the Big Island of Hawaii for 13, I have been dealing with my 6 step commute to my shop operating www.curlykoa.com. My son and I are also about to launch a new endeavor at www.perfectpicnictable.com (under construction for sure). I really appreciate being able to work for myself at home.
    I live only 30 miles from the Deschutes but have been too busy rebuilding this old house to fish it as much as I'd like. Actually I've gravitated to stillwater fishing more and take a few trips to Eastern Oregon lakes every summer as well as fish a couple of reservoirs close to home here. Hopefully I'll learn the Deschutes more this season.
    I have been reading this site for years but have only recently registered.

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    Don't know how I missed this thread for so long.

    Myself, 35 year career as a mechanical engineer / project manager. Most of that time spent designing custom mining equipment such as conveyors, excavators and dredges. In all that time I have had the good fortune to travel much of the world visiting all kinds of mines and chemical plants. Unfortunately I discovered that they rarely build such things near good fishing and work is always pressing and there is no time anyway.

    I just retired in March and now plan to do a lot of catching up.

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    I've run metal fabricating business for 40 years and taught some beginners casting and fly tying at a local store. I've flyfished since my 14th birthday when I got a Wright & McGill flyrod as a gift. I try to catch a few albies, tarpon, stripers, bonefish and blues every year, but living on Lake Erie, I spend more time with warmwater species and a few steelhead. I hope to get in a few more trout trips in Michigan and Pennsylvania this year. See you all in Michigan!
    "She had hooks to make a fish think twice!" ---Chris Smither-"Lola"

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    Default IT Professional

    I'm an IT Professional. My actual job title is System Administrator, but that is pretty nebulous. My day to day duties are maintaining the systems which provide our product to our clients, helping clients when they have problems, system specification and ordering, and generally whatever else they can come up with for me to do.

    I've worked in software development for a college textbook publisher, desktop/laptop support for a major state university, and now I work for a company in the financial services industry.


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    Default What do I do?

    What do I do to pay for my fishing. I do so much that it just boggles my mind. Im an electrician for the United States Army. I am a civilian . Took my first electrical class in the seventh grade at the age of 12 years old. Im 52 now and will be 53 in October. Do the math . Seems like forever that I have been doing this stuff and am soooooo tired of it.
    As HRH said in one of her posts " I dont know what I want to do when I grow up" so this electrical thing is to keep me and the "Bride" from starving in the mean while. There is more to me than the job and fishing . This was just an answer to a question.
    This is the coolest thread that I have seen here in a while (and its been here for so long ) . Its truley an interesting and wonderful thing to see the societal cross section that has replied to this post. Just goes to show that you just dont know who you'll meet on the stream.

    Always be kind to strangers ,
    they may be angles of the Lord.

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