I need to get off some steam about something that happened last night.

Quick background: I was one of a handful who started the process of establishing a local chapter of the FFF. However, when it did get established, and I saw that the group had other goals then the ones I had in mind, I did not join. That was 4 years ago. Since then I have continued a limited association with the group. I attend most meetings, am often asked to provide information and/or guidance, participate in some programs, help out most of the time and have volunteered many hours. All this even though I am a non-voting 'guest' at their meetings.

So, at the meeting last night, this is what happened: There is a full day educational program coming up and plans are being made. Within that program will be door prizes and I brought something to donate for that purpose. Before I made that donation however, there was an agenda passed out describing some up-coming events. I noticed that a 'guest speaker' was being scheduled for an up-coming meeting and he was going to be paid a nice chunk of money. I mentioned to one of the members that I don't think we should pay that money. (BTW, we don't pay local people, some very knowledgeable, who make similar presentations)
He got a little ticked and told me, "How we spend our money is none of your f***ing business. You're not a member!" Well, I didn't say another word about it or anything else during the meeting I also put the item I had intended to donate back in my jacket pocket. I will honor the commitment I made to participate in this up-coming educational program but that's it.

That's my rant. Now, here's my question: As a non-member, should I speak to the club president about this?


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