I'm not an old-timer, by any means... I'm just a big kid as fishing goes. But, I think, after my 43 years of life and recent experiences while fishing, I'm qualified to add to this section of the board.
My best advice to people in just about any walk-of-life would be to take the time to share what you know with anyone interested enough to ask. You don't have to be a pro, most times that's why they choose to ask you.
I've recently shared what I know about the basics of fly fishing to a couple of guys who have, for whatever length of time, wanted to "get into" it.
I didn't teach them everything they need to know - just showed them the different types of line used, difference between fly types, what it means to load the rod, showed how to place the fly gently on the surface for wary fish and how to splash for the bass wanting a big lunch, etc. I even tied a fly for one guy. - just some simple stuff. They both thought I was more than a beginner and now I do, too.
A teacher prompts the student to become more than they are, answers the questions they can (and admits when they can't), and encourages them to reach beyond their failures.
Give it time and you'll be one too...
One old-timer, comin'up!

There's almost nothin' wrong with the first lie, it's the weight of all the others holdin' it up that gets ya'! - Tim